Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 20- Ghana- Akwaaba

Akwaaba means "Welcome" as only the Ghanaians can say it. Their hearts wide open and they receive one and all with such grace. Maybe it should not be a title of a post at the end of my trip to Accra; however, it sums up Ghana in a lovely way, I think it will be alright.
 Mom's with their babies tightly bound to their bodies welcome strangers who need some water, food, or just friendly advice about where to go. The babies learn the real meaning of trust; they simply 'rest' in the tight cloth against their mother's body. They don't struggle or strain to get out. They relax and enjoy the ride. Oh how I wish I could learn more of the same in relation to God. Just relying on Him and His will and ways- instead of always wanting to leap into my own plans and actions.


Accra has changed, as I commented in a previous post. With the changes, there are differences, but at the same time the spirit of the Ghanaian people has remained the same. A very resilient and eager to help type of attitude reigns. The congested city of Accra still retains feelings of good will and such hope for the future.

What is hospitality without good food? Ghana certainly has her array of delicious cuisine. It might be local fare or International delights. I did go to "The Heritage House"- they opened a branch near the house I was staying, so this made it easy. I enjoyed Indian cuisine while chatting with old friends. How much better can life get than that? 

All in all, the trip went splendidly. It was a great time of being reunited with old friends and meeting new friends. I laughed, cried, sighed, and rejoiced with people who I love. This is what life is all about - the people. It is hard for me to go anywhere and just speak of the sights and sounds; I find myself always relating back to the people. The Ghanaian people are such a warm and welcoming people. They truly make Ghana what it is today- a wonderful place to visit!


  1. lovely post.
    love that baby metaphor for trust. inspiring.
    i do agree with you. it'speople, not animals that make tourism worth it.
    are these villages like our indian villages?
    envy you!

  2. kochuthresiamma- yes people certainly make travel worthwhile. These pics are actually taken in the capital- Accra, Ghana. Africa has such a different feel from India- when I first went I thought it would be similar; however, I soon discovered there was such a vast difference.

  3. "Oh how I wish I could learn more of the same in relation to God"
    oh so true, just loved the way u associated it.

    Being reunited with old friends is so wonderful!!!!

    Looks and sounds like u had a grand time:-)

  4. Reflections- it was such a wonderful time!!!!!

  5. anjuli,
    my first visit to your blog, and what a lovely post. I shall have to explore your earlier stories. thanks.

  6. Kerry- Thanks for dropping in. I had a wonderful reading through your posts- and plan to return to keep up with what you write.

    If you do plan to explore earlier stories- I would suggest you go right back to the beginning- and the reason I actually started this blog.

  7. Surely, it is the people who make the place what it is.

    Your fondness for Ghana is endearing.

  8. Anil- you are right- the people do make the place. That should be a reminder to all of us, our behavior and attitude will be a reflection of where we are living- and for the visitors who come by- it might be the reason they like or dislike a place.

  9. Well,nice posting.I went through the complete article.You had passed a wonderful time with them.

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Saikat- thank you for visiting the blog. I would hope to visit yours, if you can let me know where it is.


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