Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feb 14th- Accra- Rawling's House

Lightening flashed across the sky; booming thundered rolled through the heavens. As usual, rain accompanied the sound and light show. This all took place at 2 am. Of course, the electricity went off. This meant at some point in the night it would come back on. For us, in East Legon, this was a good thing. Unfortunately for the former President J.J. Rawlings, it was not such a good thing.

The electrical fluctuations and subsequent wet walls were a great combination for a fire. The house was ablaze in the middle of the night and ex-president Rawling's wife and daughter escaped with no injury. The house was destroyed, along with all their personal possessions.
*courtesy of The Ghana Journal

The rains gave coolness to some and at the same time brought sorrow to others. I wonder if just the rain can be blamed; after all, the electrical fluctuations had a large part to play in the burning of the house.


  1. Well It's a very interesting post . I like it very much.
    Thanks for your information .

  2. Thank you for your comment Bob- would love to visit your blog if you could let me know where I can find it.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a tragedy!!!!

    I've heard that the thunder & ligtening in Africa are so violent....sort of strikes fear in the heart.

  4. Reflections- yes the thunder and lightening can be quite violent- however, in this case, I think the old wiring and the wetness of the said wiring- ended up being part of the catastrophe. So sad!!

  5. Growing up, I used to relish lights going off in the night amidst the thunder and rain, in the comfort of home that is :-)

  6. Anil- my favorite memories are of the thunder storms...the lightening flashing across the sky- and the torrential rain. (as long as I was snuggled up in bed)


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