Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Lessons

We had every intention of visiting Boulder, Colorado. We even listed out places of interest to go to. Unfortunately,  a cold front swept in over Colorado and changed our plans. Instead of going to Boulder, we ventured out in the storm to buy groceries. The news reports implied this was just the beginning of something worse.

I do not know how to drive in the snow. Where would I have gained this knowledge? I grew up in more tropical climates. If you ask me how to navigate through a flood during monsoon season: this I can do! Driving through snow is a very different story, it doesn't always have a happy ending.

In life there are things you have to do even when you don't like doing them or you are not very good at them. You just have to do them, and driving in the snow was something I had to do to get groceries. My granddaughter was bundled up in her car seat, my daughter sat next to me navigating and I managed to miss all the important turns. My wrong turns sent us on an adventure down a road with snow embankments on either side and a looming steep hill up ahead. How in the world was I supposed to go forward? How in the world was I supposed to turn around?

Can we say panic? Picture me hunched over the steering wheel, knuckles white and eyes firmly looking straight ahead. By this time, Cassandra is telling (yelling) me to turn around. 

"Don't go up that steep hill with the ice!"

Now my eyes are darting side to side trying to find an escape route. All the while, my granddaughter is singing to herself. She is laughing and giggling. She has no idea of the danger we are in. She has complete trust that her grandmother knows what she is doing! Thankfully, I made a good turn managing to get us back on to a safer road. We took the groceries home and prepared for more storms.

I learned a great lesson from my granddaughter that day. Jesus has always said for us to come to him as children. Now I see why. Even in the storms of life, the wrong turns and the slippery slopes, we can trust in Him to navigate us to where we need to go. We don't need to worry or fret. We don't need to be anxious, because thankfully He is at the wheel not me! 

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