Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

Just a few more pictures of the wedding - for those who have been asking :) know who you are....the professional pictures haven't been finished yet- so I had to scrounge around through the various pictures I was sent. I've chosen a few more pictures of the actual ceremony.

The guests waiting for the ceremony to begin

The Actual ceremony was held outside; however, the festivities did not stop with the ceremony. They continued on with the various displays inside the halls, library and great rooms. The guests waited patiently for the bride.
The Best Men...with some cut off in the picture
The Bridesmaids

Micah and Katrina had 8 bridesmaids and 8 grooms men. Each of the bridesmaids were allowed to wear a dress of their choosing as long as it was the same color scheme as the wedding colors. The grooms men only had to wear grey pants and suspenders.

Katrina coming up the aisle with Daniel

Daniel walked Katrina down the aisle and then he changed positions and took over to officiate the ceremony. Katrina wore her mother-in-law's veil ...I thought that was very special!
Katrina's wedding veil
Daniel officiating Katrina and Micah's wedding

Katrina and Micah in the 'getaway' vehicle
The getaway vehicle proved to be a big hit. It was a wonderful conclusion to a great evening!


  1. Wow. That is you are keeping the suspense. Bride, groom, bridesmaid, location...waiting for ceremony now :)))) Take your time - no rush

  2. getaway vehicle - that was charming!!

  3. Yes, it is not very clear, anyway as you said you are still waiting for the professional photos to arrive, and we too would wait till you get them. However, thanks for putting these pictures. The getaway vehicle is really a nice idea.

  4. Weddings are so fun to photograph. I love the creativity of the planners as well. They are always different in some way, representing the couple who will take their vows. Always surprising. The getaway vehicle is totally unexpected. How fun!

  5. Best was the getaway vehicle !! What a wonderful conclusion & happy ending. :)

  6. I can see the getaway vehicle was well received :)...Katrina fulfilled her desires in each and every aspect of the really was a most enjoyable experience!

  7. Thanks for sharing! Love the photo in the truck. What a riot!

  8. I can understand her wanting to wear that veil. How gorgeous. And good idea to not require jackets on the groomsmen. So few young men have them these days!

  9. The pics are beautiful, so much of planning must have gone into everything and it shows.
    The getaway vehicle is I bet everybody is going to borrow this idea;-D

  10. @ Alexandra - yes the truck was a bit of a surprise to all of us, but turned out to be a big hit.

    @ Vera - the veil was beautiful ... haha about the jackets- isn't it true!!

    @ Nancy- yes alot of planning by my daughter- no wedding planner for us, she really did her homework and did a great job. I think the getaway vehicle was an after thought- not sure, will have to ask her about that.


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