Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clearing of Shelves

I have mentioned my love affair with the written word before. It began when I was a wee girl and just started reading. My head has been buried in many a book over the years. As a result, my bookshelves often sag under the weight of books of all sizes. This presents a problem- how to make room for new books which need to be read? 

Over the years, I've found the solution to emptying my shelves is to give away books. Of course, there are those books which hold sentimental value...those I never part with.  There are other books which are good reads but I don't mind passing them on for someone else to read. Some of the books I 'won' right here in Blogville- others I've picked up at bookstores or been given. So, now is the time to clear the shelves.... I will make a list of books I'm giving away and anyone who wants a book can ask for it...it is that simple! I will mail it to you- if more than one person requests one book, I'll put your names in a hat and pick the winner randomly.

Here are the books I'm giving away:

Crossing the Heart of Africa by Julian Smith

Margaret Mitchell & John Marsh- The Love story behind Gone with the Wind

The Calligrapher's Secret - Rafik Schami

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