Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One Size Fits All

My beloved and our precious treasure
 Have you ever seen the words, "One size fits all" on labels attached to clothing? I think if you looked at my heart, you might find a similar label.  After all, hasn't my heart managed to fit many different people in it over the years?

As a young girl, it was my parents and my immediate family members who lined up nicely in my tiny heart. When I was six years old, I walked down a dusty aisle in Singapore and knelt at a wooden bench and 'accepted Jesus' into my heart. I thought my heart would explode with joy!

Kissable checks

Later, as I grew older I found my heart was able to accommodate so many others. Each new inclusion brought more joy. My children and my husband managed to expand every part of my heart. Just watching my beloved husband walk in the room caused my heart to swell up to where I thought it would pop right out of my throat.

There were times I wondered how could my heart manage to squeeze in anymore people? Apparently, my heart has no limit for expansion...I found this out when my darling granddaughter appeared in my life on March 11, 2010...she managed to stride right into the center of my heart and take up residency.
The Latest Resident
The amazing thing is, with each new resident, no one else is evicted. My heart has a capacity to love each and every occupant with equal amounts of joy. Hearts are amazing things! :)

*All pictures taken by Kira Evanson


  1. awww - your heart has no limit for expansion - that's sweet & lucky are those who reside in there :)
    like the way you connected the instruction on size labels of clothing 'one size fits all' to your heart

    and must i say she is absolutely adorable - your newest resident

  2. Anjuli,

    Very very beautiful write up. Excellent picture too. Of course 'each new inclusion' includes friends and blogger friends too :)))

  3. @ Sujatha - I have to agree with you about my newest resident being absolutely adorable :)...but then I'm a bit biased!

    @ A- OF course- blogger friends are definitely snuggled right into the very core of my heart :) I would have it NO other way!!

  4. Beautifully written, Anjuli. You have a ever expandable heart which can accommodate anyone.

    And yes, we blogger also have a special place in your beautiful heart. Thank you.

  5. And your adorable grand daughter ! Oh my ! Who wouldn't keep her in his heart?

  6. @ Nisha - I can tell your heart has an equally expandable capacity :)

  7. I can truly relate to everything written here so beautifully by you. Yes our hearts can automatically become extra, extra large, or may even expand like a lycra material to accommodate the people who come into our heart and make a place for themselves.
    Your grand daughter is really adorable. Don't ever worry, I am sure your heart can take even more.
    Have a great weekend Anjuli!

  8. So well said. And that is one adorable little girl!

  9. @ Rama - :) hearts are indeed amazing things.

    @ Vera- I will have to agree with you about that little rascal- she just makes me smile to look a picture of her.

  10. Hearts are amazing things! Love filling up and then expanding them is one of God's greatest blessings to us. Thanks for this beautiful post! And I agree . . . your granddaughter is adorable!!! Deb

  11. These are great pictures of her!

  12. @ Deb - yes hearts are indeed amazing...I love the way God blesses us with the capacity to be loved and to love others.

    @ Sean- Kira took these pics of Kailynn and Dad- but of course I think no matter who took a pic of her- she would look great :) But then some may say I'm biased. Will be praying for your mid terms!!!!


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