Friday, September 16, 2011

Feature Friday- something different

Normally, Feature Friday will showcase a memoir, biography or an autobiography. I love this genre of literature and know I'll have many more Fridays to come to feature such books. Today there will be a slight detour...I want to feature two blogs...and I thought about it, and realized most blogs are basically autobiographies in the making. 

The first blog I'd like to feature is a travel blog, of sorts. Braden King lives in Kenya at the moment and soon he will be traveling all over the world. He plans to chronicle those travels and I am already enjoying his pre-travel updates. He has posted 4 updates so far; be sure and check out: Brazen Braden and his travels.

The second blog I'd like to feature is my daughter, Katrina's new blog about her life. She has only one post, so far, but I know she will be adding more as life happens. You can find her updates at Kubo & Co

And for those of you who wanted to see more of the wedding pics- the photographer has posted them on her blog- They are amazing!! 
The pictures are marked : Micah and Katrina. The photographer is Micah's cousin- and she did an excellent job- you can see how talented she is with each and every picture. 

*A little note of clarification- the photographer's actual name is Anjuli...not to be confused with the name I use on this blog :) tickled me to know my daughter was marrying someone who had a cousin named Anjuli- as I have always loved that name.


  1. Thanks for the side note. I was going to ask if that was your site. Now it all makes sense. And the photos are amazing. I love the vintage theme. Breathtaking. The wedding looks like it must have been pure fun. Cute idea for your daughter's blog. Keep posting the links. Have a great weekend!

  2. @ Jackie- I was rushing to write my comment- ha ha- need to slow down- Yes, I'm glad I made the side note!!

  3. I like the notion of sharing not only books from genres we like but blogs for similar reasons. Sharing a family blog is also a wonderful thing. :-)

  4. Anjuli,

    Thanks for introducing Brazen. I checked the blog. It is awesome.

    About the pictures, I am not able to load the page. You may want to ask the photographer to make a slide show rather than putting all pictures on one page.

  5. Beautiful Header pictures, you don't need any help, in fact you can help others in this matter.
    I will definitely check up all the links you have provided. It would be so much fun to see the wedding pictures, Thanks.

  6. Today, I am able to see the pictures. Great ones..Really good :))))

  7. @ Mark- thanks for the encouragement- I was not sure if I should promote blogs

    @ A- so glad you were finally able to see the pics- I'm glad you like Braden's blog- I know it will get even more exciting as he begins his travels through South America- and he is heading up to North America too.

    @ Rama- My header is too big- so I think I must somehow redo it- was just fiddling around with it- I need to try not to cram sooo many pics in :) ha ha- story of my life- always trying to cram too much in!!!


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