Monday, November 23, 2009

Gig Harbour, WA --2009

Nestled in the middle of the forest in Gig Harbour lives a most wonderful and extraordinary woman. Her name is Becky and she is single handedly raising five children. It was my privilege to be invited into her lovely home today. 

Gig Harbour is only one hour from Renton; yet it is a world away. Water, trees and a rough road beckoned me on to a Becky's home. I walked into the warm, cosy kitchen smelling the lentil soup simmering on the stove. She had already made fresh bread earlier in the day and now baked it with some garlic butter. A lovely chocolate cake perched on the counter tantalized all of us. 

Little Esther, Becky's five year old daughter, played the little hostess. She politely helped set things up for lunch. She later even served us tea. When she was done with her soup, she looked over at her mother and said, "May I be excused?" 

"Yes, you may."

She stole my heart. Her two younger brothers were taking their nap in the room. Her two older brothers were not yet home from school. I discovered her brother Amos loved to make chocolate chip cookies...and of course this made me smile...a new little famous Amos. 

After having the lovely soup at the kitchen table...we moved into the living room. The crackling fire made it just so warm and cosy. Becky told us about Morocco, where she grew up...she spoke a bit of Arabic for us to hear...We talked of Africa and Asia....We shared the world with each other in the small living room in Gig Harbour.

Although it felt like time should stand didn't...the clock ticked away announcing the time to leave. I pulled myself away from the little house tucked in the midst of the woods. With shouts of, "You must come again" and "Thank you so much, of course we will" we trundled away.


  1. you've painted a warm countryside home with people with a big heart living in it. I can almost smell the fresh bread. when are you coming to visit me in Jersey :)

  2. Sneo- it was sooo lovely....makes me want to go back.

    A- let's see...when m I coming- first I have to go to Ghana then Colorado and then Singapore-- so let me see when I can fit Jersey in :) Actually, when I finally make my trip to Massachusetts- I'll swing by Jersey :) I've got to go and look at my map to see how far they are from each other. ha ha!!

  3. Yes yes please do please do. And you're staying with me of course :)

  4. U have described the whole ambience so beautifully....I cd see the whole scene played out while reading it...esp Little Esther:-))

  5. Nancy- It is one of my most precious memories


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