Saturday, November 28, 2009


I often write about places I've been to and things I've done. I've been to a lot of different countries and places, but there are still so many more places for me to visit. Today I was thinking about those places I would love to visit. So many wonderful new memories to make; too many locations to think of, so I will just choose five.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

2. Zanzibar

3. Nova Scotia

4. Monaco

5. Cape Town, SA

Where do you dream of going?


  1. I dream of going to Finland or Sweden and do skating over there...hehe


  2. Sourav- I could not find your blog- can you give me your address- would love to keep up with it.

  3. Sourav- oh yes finland or Sweden would be wonderful- there are so many places I would like to go- as for the skating....I think I'll leave that to you :)

  4. england (Colonial hangover :-()and so curious about the latter.and i want to taste authentic chinese food

  5. K. p.j.- For some great authentic Chinese food come and visit us- my husband is a great cook.
    I visited England- it was a bit dreary- I loved Scotland though- the rugged beauty!!

  6. so many places so little time. I want to visit Tokyo; satorini in Greece; Turkey; Egypt; Machu Picchu (Peru); Venice; China..the list is endless Anjuli :)

  7. A- you are a woman after my own heart!!!! I would highly recommend Turkey!!!

  8. Loved ur choice of places and pictures accompanying it. Tho Boston shdnt be too far from where u r right????

    I once saw this ad where there was a small shack selling fruits[with a beautic scenic background behind] and there was nobody around. Just a rough placard placed beside the weighing scale which said 1kg = 2 dollars[or some much price] & there was a money box placed beside it.
    I have always been wanting to visit New Zealand after tht:-))

  9. Nancy- The ad sounds wonderful- it would make me want to go there- when Katrina goes to New Zealand next year, I'll make sure she posts plenty of pictures so you and I can vicariously visit the country.


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