Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Other....

I grew up in a very strange position. I was an 'other' see on every form in Singapore it will say "Chinese" "Indian" "Malay" even sometimes "Eurasian" and then "Other"....I was the "Other" category. When applying for a flat...I would click "Other"...when getting my driver's license...I would click "Other" day I looked at the category and thought to myself...what is an "Other" is all the people they can't figure out which box to put them in- so they put them in the "Other" box.

I guess that sums up my life. I can't be put in a box....a red haired, freckled, Singaporean...married to a man who thought he was full chinese and discovered he is actually part european and possibly something else and then half chinese- oh my- talk about 'other'-- I guess that is why we have made such a good pair all these years. :)

The problem about being an "other" is people never let you be an "us" or a "them"-- which can be an interesting predicament. You sort of grow up in no man's land. Which gives you an advantage when you travel- because you are easily able to assume the role of "other" in every country you go to. However, you do wonder if there is a place where you can be something else...something more than an "other"...I guess I will never know. :)


  1. I agree, the 'other' has advantages. :-)
    But it shouldn't happen anytime that one starts thinking that s/he doesn't belong to any group.

  2. Nisha- you are absolutely correct! I've discovered there are quite a few "others" :) which I happily belong to their group- I think the phrase coined for such people are TCKs* (or in my case ATCKs*)-- or Global Nomads-

    TCK=Third Culture Kid

    ATCK=Adult Third Culture Kid

  3. now i understand the true implication of the word "other" and 'othering' introduced by theorists. you've expressed the othered feeling very well.
    know something? if being the other has no discriminatuion, it is better than being put in a box and streotyped.

  4. kochuthresiamma- this is true!! Unfortunately in this world, I think there is always elements of discrimination.

  5. very interesting though :).... you're a woman of the world :) and free...everyone else is in a box :D


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