Thursday, November 5, 2009

trip down memory lane-Singapore 1963

Oh my- can't believe that is me!! The building behind me holds so many memories. Not only personal memories but memories of others who lost their lives in the building. It was one of the improvised headquarters for Japanese soldiers during the second world war (in Singapore). I grew up in the back of the building, hearing stories of beheaded prisoners, blood filled round rooms and ghosts appearing in the hallways.

Not all memories were ghostly; there were memories of countless hide and seek games, sliding down the hill in front of the building, exploring and just growing up. I could write a book about this building and the memories it holds.


  1. You must write the book. There's much it appears happened there. I would look to more posts, and yes, more pictures from your time there.

    You loved books even then? :-)

  2. A- you are too kind

    Anil- oh my love affair with books has indeed been long!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness what a lovely picture!!!!

    I clicked on it and closely looked at the little you.

    U look adorable:-))!!!!!

  4. Reflections- Thank you for your kind comments :) Too bad I grew up- right? haha!

    David- thank you for your visit & one day-- yes one day I'll get that book done- in the meantime I'm working on other projects.

  5. You made me smile. A big wide grin on my face ! :-)

    You are looking so cute giving that pose for the photo. And you know, I also used to like those shoes with 'holes' in them.

  6. awwwwww :) look at u! I love the frock!

  7. limenlemons- I used to torture my two girls by dressing them in equally frilly frocks. ha ha!!

  8. i think all mothers do :) mine did it to me and now i see my sister do it to her daughter.


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