Thursday, May 29, 2008

India and beyond-1985

Taj Mahal
The trip was over and life had to go on. I returned to India. After six weeks of traveling through various countries, it was nice to be back in a familiar place. I took time to stroll up and down Janpath.

Mango shakes made in a blender right there on the side of the road...who was thinking of germs? Not me! A nice samosa or two from the corner shop and then a flat plate with a huge dosa draped across it. Food was only a small part of India I was going to miss when I left.

With my bags packed, I boarded the plane to leave. I thought I might return in the future to India, but except for a brief 10 day visit in 1986, I never did return. I left India, but India never left my heart.

The view from my bedroom window in Nepal
I went to Nepal shortly after India. I only stayed for four months. During my stay I taught English at the Tribhuvan University. My little motorcycle puttered through the streets and alleyways of Kathmandu.

If and when the motorcycle was not working, I would take a taxi into town. A leisurely stroll into Boudha to hire a taxi and off I went.

Four months whizzed by and before I knew it the time came to bid Nepal a fond farewell - at least for a little while.


  1. read a few of the post here & have to say I'm totally awed at the places u've been to & the experiences u've had. Awesome, really!!!!!!!!!

  2. excellent blog! I am totally your fan

  3. SD- I'm glad you like it- I see you have four different blogs- I guess I have some exploring to do :)

  4. i cannot help think of the roadtrip over and over again and then you come back to india :D

    time to sleep now...will resume again soon

    love the reading so far..

  5. India was where I was working at the time so I had to go back. The roadtrip was simply a means to get the Morris Minor back to England before the Carnet expired.


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