Saturday, May 24, 2008

parlez vous francais? -1985

Not long after we entered France the sun slid down across the sky and we knew it was time to find a place to pitch our tent. As we circled a corner we saw a lovely meadow sprawled out in front of us. We found a spot hidden from the road; the tent went up easily and we started preparing dinner. A gurgling sound nearby turned out to be a brook running through the meadow. After dinner we sat next to the brook drinking tea and watching the wind play with the flowers. Some cows in a field just beyond us made some polite conversation with each other. If the word 'bliss' could be put into a package and marketed it would resemble this scene.

The rest of our time in France was not as restful. We sped towards Paris where we met up with Stephen's sister, Alison. She was studying in Paris and we bunked with her for a few nights while we took in the sights. Of course we had to go up the Eiffel Tower. I'm not sure why we walked up most of the way, but we did. Unfortunately, Alison stumbled on the way up and injured her knee. She was supposed to be in an orienteering competition the next day but her injury prevented her from participating. Despite the fall, we all enjoyed ourself on top of the Eiffel Tower. We flew paper airplanes down and watched them circle around in flight.

Not being able to speak French was a big hindrance. Note to self: Learn French before going back to France!

What are my favorite memories of the time in France? road side cafes, cute odd shaped cars, and the lovely architecture. The hostel Alison stayed in was a former hotel built 100's of years before. The walls, the windows, and the doors vied to get my attention. They were telling me stories of what once had been. If only I had stopped long enough to listen, I may have written a novel.

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