Monday, May 12, 2008

skinny houses- 1985

Yugoslavia had skinny houses. They fascinated me. I was wondering how people fit into the thin houses...all lined up in a neat row. What should have astounded me was the fact I drove through history in a united Yugoslavia.

One of the unique experiences while driving through the nation was trying to buy eggs. How do you buy an egg when you don't know how to say it and you can't see it anywhere so you can point to it? The answer is: you use alot of body language and noises. We cluck like a chicken and acted like we were laying eggs, we waved our 'wings' up and down, and we formed our hands in a cupped fashion to signify an egg. We would not have won any prizes in charades and as a result we never got the eggs we so desired.

We saw a magnificent waterfall.

The campsites proved to be both challenging and beautiful. One particular site was nestled amongst some trees. The next morning we woke up to the sound of chainsaws cutting trees down. We peered out of the tent only to see some men heading over to us. They politely told us to leave the vicinity as soon as possible-- unless of course we wanted a tree to fall on us. Oh my!

Yugoslavia presented herself in all her beauty and she captivated us. Although we would have loved to linger a bit longer to find out more about her, we knew our journey must go on....and we crossed over into Italy.


  1. You write so beautifully... Please don't stop.

  2. LOL....that was really funny. I cant believe they didnt undertsand wht u wanted after all tht dumb charades;-o
    mayb the hens there didnt cluck, so u shd have just asked for a pen & paper & drawn a chicken & an egg coming out from the bottom heeeheeeee;-D

  3. ha ha..after all that you still didn't get any egg :D


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