Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now What?-1985

Cheers erupted as we pulled out into the streets of England. We had arrived! I'm not sure when it hit us: the realization this was the end of the line. After all, wasn't this what we had been pushing towards for six weeks? Our entire goal was to arrive in England; now we were there, why did we feel muddled? We felt all, "Now what?"

London's dreary weather matched our inner emotions. Gone were the adventures. No more strange characters cheerfully waving at us from the side of the road. No more camp sites to locate before sun down. Only memories were left to be folded up carefully and tucked away for future perusal.

Within a few days I was boarding an airplane bound for Asia. I had new adventures to create and new memories to make. My life's journey was far from over.


  1. you've just reached London!! and back to Asia?

  2. Now you need to tell me some of your travel stories so I can post them in here :)....I loved the photo blog of your trip up the coast. HOW ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I know you have done other trips- maybe one of your road trips in India-- would love to add your story as a guest traveler.


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