Saturday, May 31, 2008

Singapore will survive -Singapore 1986

Most of 1986 was spent in Singapore, except for some short trips to India and Malaysia. Those were mere blips on the travel radar. I don't think I can categorize Singapore as a 'travel story'- because Singapore is home. Maybe it would be better to
classify it as a trip down memory lane.

The stairs in this postcard (courtesy of Singapore Tourist Promotion Board) remind me of my growing up. The mystery of where the stairs would lead. The realization of countless adventures once the stairs were taken.

Singapore has many titles or names. "Pearl of the Orient," "Gateway to Southeast Asia," "Lion City," "The Fine City" and "The Garden City." I'm sure the list could go on and on. Many names for such a small island. This small island proved itself to be a giant of sorts, pulling itself up in the 1960's from post-colonialism to a nation to be reckoned with today. A mighty feat furthered emphasized by the sheer amount of odds which were against the tiny new nation. No natural resources except people, even the water comes in from neighbors. Amazingly enough, Singapore has proved to be a significant actor on the world stage.

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