Monday, May 19, 2008

The Square-1985

Venice was the first Italian city we stopped at. We actually stayed outside of Venice in a roadside camping ground. The price we paid included use of the showers, a place to pitch the tent and an area to wash clothes. In the morning we drove closer to Venice.

How fascinating to be in a city where your only means of transport is either by boat or by foot. St. Mark's Square, how do I describe it? How can I bottle up the sensations which washed over me as I stood in the middle of the square? I didn't want to do anything except lean against a wall absorbing everything around me....the laughter...the life...Everyone so exuberant. People marching across the square in a hurry to go no where. Others lingering by the columns chatting, laughing and enjoying life. Where did so many beautiful people come from? These were not necessarily beautiful people in the sense of their facial features; these were beautiful people because of how they carried themselves.

Closing my eyes I allowed the voices to flow over me. The sounds mingling together to create a wonderful symphony. I didn't want to move. Unfortunately in life, we can't just stay in one place no matter how wonderful it is. There was sights to be seen, stores to shop at, bridges to cross and alleyways to explore. There would be no Gondola ride, as it was not in the budget. A lovely pair of Italian shoes managed to 'make it' in the budget. Budgets are funny that way; they dissolve when necessary.

My dreams were invaded by thoughts of Venice for weeks afterwards.


  1. anything for shoes :)
    it's must have been amazing for you to experience such contrasting cultures, no?

  2. I loved all the differences...just crossing one border put me in an entirely different world. I love the fact we are all different- even in one city you can find such different people - with different characteristics. How boring life would be if we were all carbon copy images of each other.


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