Friday, March 11, 2011

Kailynn Josephine Ong's first Birthday Poem

When my children were growing up, I attempted to write poems for them occasionally- at birthdays, at graduations, at special occasions. They were sporadically written- not very eloquent- but they held my love for them. Now I have a granddaughter....and I hope I have more grandchildren to follow...I want to make it a tradition that I write each of them a poem on their birthdays.

 So now it begins, with Baby Kailynn turning ONE!!! WOW! Where did the time go??

One day, God decided to make
A special little girl
He tossed in some red hair
Added a little curl

God mixed together some laughter
Gave her a cute little nose,
Adorable fingers and
Adorably, sweet toes

God sprinkled smiles on her
Dusting her with love
He wrapped her tightly
Delivering her from above

God gave her a special mom and dad
They hugged her oh so tight
They rocked her to sleep
Each and every night

God, thank you for baby, Kailynn
Now, this is what I pray
Keep your eyes on her
Every single day


  1. Kailynn loves this poem! We still have it and will frame it for her :) Thanks mom, you are the best "Grams"!

  2. @ Sean - She is my little angel...I love her to bits and can't wait for all of you to come this summer so I can give her lots and lots of kisses and lovin' :)


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