Saturday, March 5, 2011


My favorite books are biographies or autobiographies. There is much to learn by reading of another person's life. I am often challenged to do more after I finish reading a book about someone's accomplishments. I'm sometimes reminded to be careful of my failings, when I read of someone's failings. Whether good or bad, I am able to learn something.

Yesterday, Millie Redding handed me the manuscript of her memoirs. It will be published soon and she wanted me to read over it in case there might be any suggestions. With appointments looming ahead of me, I figured I would not get to the manuscript for days. 

In the evening, my final appointment was rescheduled and I sat back in my chair feeling the excitement of having two extra hours free. My eye caught sight of the manuscript and I knew what I would be doing for the next couple hours. The words on the pages transported me to countries around the world. 

This was a story which inspired me to want to do more. It was a story which encouraged me to never give up. It was a magnificent story.

I wish more people would record their life's journey.

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