Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pneumonia Saga

Not sure how I got it....never wanted it in the first place...but there it was...Pneumonia! At first I thought I had a common cold- or the flu- but as days went by, I realized this was something far more serious. 

Thankfully, Deanna's niece is a competent doctor at Raffles Hospital. She really out did herself in taking care of me. The Pneumonia was discovered quickly and heavy duty antibiotics prescribed. It took a few days for things to kick in, but thankfully I was ready to fly out of Singapore by Tuesday.

Now I know how it feels to suffocate...breathe and not feel as if you are getting enough oxygen. It does not feel pleasant at all. I thank God for good medical care, great family and friends and of course His divine healing! Even the doctor was shocked to see how I had improved when I went in to see her for my follow up consultation. Aside from a nasty bit of Bronchitis type thing attempting to piggy back the tail end of the pneumonia, I was better....weak, but better!!

Now I am back with my darling husband. I am happy to be improving. The saga is almost over.

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