Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mohammed Mustafa

If you want to get anything worth getting you can find it at Mohammed Mustafa. This store is massive. The only problem is there are always crowds of people. It is actually amazing to think this huge store came from such humble beginnings.

Haj Mohammed Mustafa started out selling simple food from a moving cart. His son, Ahmad, joined him and started selling other things besides food. Haj Mohammed Mustafa was so impressed by his son's business sense, he decided to branch out into selling clothing. The business continued to expand. Ahmad continued his father's business and went on to open a small store selling clothing. Over the years the store has expanded into the giant super store it is today!*

Super stores are great for finding whatever you need, but they are horrible for the crowds they attract. A few years ago, the store decided to go to a 24 hour time table. Normally I would go to the store at 3 am because I know this is when the least amount of people would be there. Last night, Cassandra and I decided to go shopping at 10.45 pm. We were sure everyone would be done shopping and we could have the store to ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The streets in front of Mohammed Mustafa were jammed with people. Driving in and out of all the crowds was enough to drive me crazy and I hadn't even gone into the store to shop. Once I found a place to park, Cassandra and I dashed into the store only to be greeted by another wall of people. Thankfully we had our lists in hand, otherwise I think the vast amount of people would have made me forget everything I had gone to buy.

People jostled up and down the aisles. Pushing and shoving appeared to be the way to go if you wanted to acquire anything in the store. After about an hour, we made it up to the cashier and paid for our goods. The crowds had not diminished, in fact, they had increased. Popping out into the street, we managed to get back into the car and drive away. Amazingly, we did not hit any of the people meandering down the middle of the road. 

Although I used to love going to Mohammed Mustafa in my younger years, I think I'm not so impressed with the crowds anymore. If I have to go back, I will definitely do a 3 am run in hopes of missing the herds of people.

*information in this portion of my blog update was gleaned from
Singapore pages.

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