Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marching forward

The clock keeps ticking...the seasons keep changing...life keeps going on. Sadness comes wafting past, brushing my shoulder, I keep going forward. Uncertainty threatens to trip me up and yet my feet continue to march onward.

Hurdles stand, one by one, in an attempt to slow me down. Death, sickness, grief, burdens, and troubles loom ahead. I approach them with a steady stride. One leg thrust forward, I am able to leap over each hurdle. If not over, I can always squeeze under or if worse comes to worse I will just push the hurdle down. Nothing must stop me from marching forward.

It is not how I started this race, but how I will finish it which counts. Lord, I want to lay aside every encumbrance which would so easily keep me from finishing the course. I run not for myself, but for You. I leap, not with my own strength, but with Your strength! I will finish this race because You are the author and the finisher of my faith. I will march onward.

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