Monday, June 20, 2011

Driver's Ed 101 and 102

According to the dictionary, an accident is an unfortunate incident which happens unexpectedly and unintentionally. No one can predict when they are going to be in an accident. No one can possibly know when they might slam into another car. 

Last week, I was in our vehicle with my husband and daughter. We were waiting in a long line of cars at a red light. We were laughing together, thinking the day was looking rather wonderful....BAM...a Ford Explorer rammed right into the rear of our vehicle. The impact was unexpected and unintentional, but it was forceful. The driver had no insurance. 

Lesson number one: Always have insurance before you get behind the wheel of a car. No one thinks they will ever get in an accident; after all, everyone is so careful when they drive. Pardon me while I stop for awhile and have a laugh!

When we turned around to see who and what had hit us, the driver in the Ford Explorer was frantically putting away her cell phone. She was just as shocked as we were at the fact she smashed into us. She probably was in the middle of a text message or a call and had no idea we were stopped. 

Lesson Number 2: Do NOT text and drive! 

We have only one vehicle, so now we will have to rent a car while the van is being repaired. My husband sustained whip lash when the van was hit. In between his already busy schedule, he now is fitting in doctor's appointments. The accident is definitely something you cannot always prepare for...however, if lesson number 2 is followed, it might be something which could be averted. If lesson number 1 is followed, it might make the whole 'taking care of it' problem a little bit less painful. If everyone would just learn their lessons!


  1. Great reminder! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt - I know of several people who have long-term injuries from being rear-ended while stopped.

  2. @ Christine- yes we are eternally grateful that we are not seriously injured. Btw, I've still kept following your blog but for some reason I'm not able to click on the comment link to leave a comment- it is like my mouse can't click on anything- not sure what is up with that.

  3. oh gosh! glad none of u were hurt seriously! hope your husband recovers fast.

  4. @ Limenlemons- he has already recovered quite nicely just the dr wanting to make sure he is totally fine

  5. Will keep that lessons in mind. :-)

  6. @ Ajeya- Have missed you updating your blog (The Hours- My Memoir)

  7. @Anjuli,
    So sorry to hear about it. Sometimes because of other people, safe drivers have to suffer - like in this case.

    Text messaging on the driver seat is banned here in NC and also in some other states of the USA. In some states one needs hands free phone to call. I think cell phone should be barred in the car - I will suffer because I use it in the car but it will be safer for all of us.

  8. @ A - here in Washington it is also against the law to text and drive- or to use a cell phone and drive (unless you use blue tooth or some hand's free device)- but some people don't think they have to obey the rules. :(

  9. That's very sad. Hope is doing well now. I don't understand why people do text messaging while driving. They can very well pull off the car, and do their business before getting onto the road again.

  10. Thank Goodness u all were safe!!!
    My father-in-law drives very carefully & he always says tht more than the front we have to watch the cars at the back if we want to be safe.

    Rememeber the old lady & family I mentioned on my blog who were in an accident. None of them were seriously hurt but even after 2 months my neighbour is not able to bend her knees comepletely and her jaw hurts every now & then.

    The 3 of you are really lucky....Blessed would be a more apt word right:-).


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