Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My heart daughter- Neisha

Neisha and my granddaughter, Kailynn
Allow me to introduce you to a very special young woman. Her name is Neisha and she is my 'heart' daughter. 

What is a heart daughter? Well, my other children came out of my body...I carried them ...they had no choice but to be my children (bless their hearts). I love them with all my heart.

Now Neisha, on the other hand, came into my life via my eldest son. He met her- he fell in love with her and he married her. (There is actually a story behind this- but I'll leave that for another post). Love brought me this daughter of mine. She is a daughter born out of my heart- I love her, admire her and am so proud of her!

Neisha is one of the best wives I know and as far as being a mother- I only wish I had been that organized! Not only does she take care of Sean and Kailynn, she also started a card making company. Designs by Neisha are lovely cards she designs...she crafts custom made cards...Right now she has a special deal for her summer cards. All cards ordered before Monday June 13th get a 20 % discount! 

Sean and Neisha
Neisha is a very special young woman, indeed. I may not have carried Neisha around in my belly- but I sure do carry her around in my heart!


  1. That is the perfect way to describe your daughter in law. She is so lucky. :))

    Checked out her site. Nice. Will bookmark later at home computer.

  2. Wow! This is a great post! Thanks mom :)

  3. I also have a precious "heart-daughter." So thankful for the gift our son gave us in bringing her into our lives. Thanks for this beautiful way of telling us about your "daughter-in-love."

  4. @ A- thanks for helping me fix my comment box thingy!

    @ Sean - you rascal!! :)

    @ Deb - oh I love that "daughter-in-love"- yes another blessing to be thankful for!!

  5. What a great tribute! I realize that I have a heart-daughter, and a heart-son! Thanks for sharing.

  6. @ Alexandra- it is great that we can 'add' people to our families :).

  7. Nice Anjuli. The cards are beautiful. Is each one crafted by your daughter in law? Very impressive.

  8. @ Ajeya- yes each of the cards are made by her- the nice thing is a person can order cards which she will custom make to their own wishes.

  9. I love the idea of calling your daughter-in-law your "heart daughter." I had a great relationship with my mother-in-law and I miss her terribly. She died a year ago, much too young at 74.

  10. :) that is so are such a great mother.
    i wish the world has more MILs like you.

  11. You are fabulous mother.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog

  12. heart daughter
    beautiful coined termed for daughter in law

  13. @ Annette- I can imagine how you must miss your MIL- I love my MIL also!

    @ limenlemons- if you keep feeling hungry- you might become a mother too soon :) hee hee!! I know...I see you rolling your eyes at me.

    @ Kiran & Sm - thanks so much for the visit!

  14. ahhhh......this entry is really touched my heart, and made me think, "oh...I wish...".
    Well, at the end, I should be thankful for whatever God gave me, am I right?
    And.....I just want you to know that I love and respect you and Ps. Ong :).

  15. @ Belinda- you are too sweet!!! You are an angel- and a real blessing to your family- Todd loves you so much! We all love you.

  16. So cute :)
    Neisha really has some pretty pretty cards.

  17. @ Sneha - I love her cards!! I ordered some and am enjoying using them on each occasion I need them.

  18. See, just one alphabet's difference from my name. :)
    Well, a perfect daughter-in-law to a very wonderful mother-in-law. :)

    Checked her site, the cards are really beautiful.


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