Friday, June 3, 2011

Feature Friday- M.M. Kaye

You may be surprised to know that M.M.Kaye did not just write "The Far Pavilions"...."Shadow of the Moon" ...and "Trade Winds"....Her lesser known books: "Death in...." are equally fascinating. They were constant companions of mine when I lived in Delhi. In fact, my friend Ruth Valdez and I would read to each other as we were falling asleep..."Now it is your read the next chapter..." I can't look at an M.M.Kaye book without thinking of Ruth!

If you think her fiction is great, you will be in for a real treat with her autobiographies. There is so much to tell of her life, she has broken down her life story into three parts. Each one more intriguing then the one which comes before it.  

You have to start with The Sun in the Morning. M.M.Kaye starts her memoir with such vivid details and great memories. When you get to the end of this first part of her autobiography, I guarantee you will be wanting to dive right into the second half of her life story.

Golden Afternoon will not disappoint you. In this part of M.M.Kaye's life story, you find her returning from Boarding school and renewing her love affair with India. It is in this volume where you get a glimpse of how she was able to go on to write her famous books. 

In her third volume, Enchanted Evening, M.M.Kaye  is forced to leave India and go to China with her father. It is in China, she finds her artistic talent and she explores her independence.  The author excels in relating her memories. She definitely does not disappoint the reader!

These three volumes are a 'must read' for anyone interested in memoirs or autobiographies.


  1. I have never heard of the books or the author, but I did enjoy reading about them and your enjoyment of her books.

  2. @ Mark- I think you might enjoy her "Death in Zanzibar"- But my personal favorite is "The Far Pavilions" (there is actually a movie in that name- but as always the book is FAR better)


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