Friday, June 10, 2011

Feature Friday - Eric Liddell

Most people have seen the movie, "Chariots of Fire"...and so they know about Eric Liddell...but the movie only shows a glimpse of this man and his inspiring life. I've read a few biographies about his life and I must say, each one has never disappointed me.

I guess another reason I am drawn to Eric Liddell's life story is because his last years were spent in the same Japanese Internment camp in China where my mother was. Reading through the research done for a book about my grandmother, I came across many references to Eric Liddell and his exemplary life, while in the internment camp.

Some people have insinuated that the books about Eric Liddell attempt to idolize him or make him out to be more of a saint than he really was. I think this is not the case, he was a man of great integrity and from what I've read in books and accounts written by his fellow internees, he was an honorable man. 

The best biography about him seems to be out of print at this time- Running for a Higher Prize by Renee Taft Meloche. There are a lot of other biographies about Eric Liddell which are still in print. I highly recommend any biography written about this man.


  1. Anjuli,

    My weekend project:- To watch this movie. I have not. I heard a lot about it but ever time I decided to watch..something comes up. Will read bio later.

  2. @ A -definitely watch the movie- a timeless classic!

  3. Had hrd abt the movie and the "Flying Scotsman" but didnt know too many details. Just googled his name and I was transfixed really. Will definitely be looking out for the movie and the book.

  4. The 2nd book advertised above is a prized one in my book collection:-)).

  5. @ Nancy- the movie is not only about Eric Liddell- it also features fellow 1924 athlete, Harold Abrahams. I think you will enjoy the movie- also, as I mentioned, Eric Liddell was in the Wei Hsien Internment camp- the same camp my grandmother and mother were in- so when you read his biographies you will see more descriptions of the camp and life in the camp- he used to help my uncle and the other young boys in the camp form a baseball team.


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