Friday, June 17, 2011

Feature Friday - Cheaper By the Dozen

Cheaper by the Dozen was one of the first memoirs I read as a child. I remember laughing the entire way through the book. My imagination ran wild trying to picture this large quirky family.

The father of the family is an efficiency expert who believes he can run his own family efficiently and cheaply. The mom is his right hand 'man' but doesn't seem to be much of a disciplinarian. Toss in a dozen kids and you get quite this hilarious account! 

The antics of the children and the experiments of the father make for some very enjoyable reading. I guarantee a smile will cross your face at least once during the reading of this book.


  1. I will read it. Thanks :))

  2. @ A - yes you should read it- actually you should get your daughter to read it...I think she would love it.

    @ sm - an entertaining book...and it is a true story so that is what makes it so great.

  3. Thanks for this recommendation. Somehow I missed this book. Perhaps because I lived in Europe?

  4. @ Alexandra- I hope you like this book. As I said I read it when I was alot younger- it did cement my love of memoirs, biographies and autobiographies.

  5. Oh my ! You've aroused my interest in this book now. Will have to read it.

  6. Read it and then tell me what you think....remember I was quite young when I read it- so maybe my memory has 'glorified' it over the years


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