Friday, June 24, 2011

Feature Friday- George Muller

George Muller lived a full life. He is said to have been an ordinary man who lived an extraordinary life. I've read several biographies about him, but his 'autobiography' which consists of excerpts from his diary is especially interesting. What better way to find out about a person than from their own diary.

George Muller lived a life of real faith. He trusted God with every decision he made. He trusted God for all his finances and for his needs. In so doing, God not only poured out blessings on him but on those who he helped. He was able to start schools, orphanages and support others. He never solicited funds and God always provided!  

Although his autobiography tells his own story, it is great to read other people's accounts of his life. They offer a different perspective of him. Also, many testimonies of God's provision are revealed in his own book and in the books of others.

When I first read a biography about George Muller, I was deeply touched. I have known people who have read his life story who have now gone on to do great things as a result of his example. His life is a great example of what God can do with a person who submits wholly to Him.


  1. Anjuli,

    Key aspects of a great man :))) If one wants to know the book you recommend.

  2. I love George Muller's story. I am always inspired to pray more and whine less. Thanks! Deb

  3. @ A - yep- you gotta read the book :)

    @ Deb - oh I do love his story- it really is a testimony of what God can do with a person who totally yields to Him!

  4. What did the guy do? I"m not familiar with him at all. Why were you drawn to his story?

  5. @ Jackie- He started quite a few orphanages in England in the 1800's- and sacrificed to start schools and help people. I was drawn to his story because of his level of self sacrifice- and what it produced.


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