Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was jogging along on this "Blogathon" and then I had to take a detour. My granddaughter came with my son and his wife for a visit...YES!! Little Kailynn Josephine Ong is 2 months old. She is a sweet thief, stealing my heart with ever glance and coo.

The detour got a bit longer with both my daughters with her Bachelor's degree and the other with her Associate's degree.  My eldest daughter, Katrina, was chosen as the commencement speaker for her class. She has a masterful way of presenting a speech leaving almost everyone in the audience with tears in their eyes...either from laughing so hard or from a bit of bittersweet crying. How she does it, I will never know. My second daughter, Cassandra, has amazed me with her tenacity of following her dreams no matter what stands in her way!

The detour finally ended with a quick trip a most wonderful destination. I will talk more about this bit of paradise in my next post. All I can say is.....absolutely wonderful! Just think...Wisteria...water lapping along the of reconnecting...delicious food...tons of kissing of darling Kailynn....and oh so much more....ah, what a wonderful part of the detour.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Your grand daughter is really pretty and picture is just awesome. Did you take that picture?

  2. I liked the sentence "My granddaughter came with my son and his wife for a visit...".

    I am still smiling. :-)

    More pictures please.

  3. Wow! lovely, tour granddaughter is looking very nice.Your daughters are equally talented, they are really genius specially Katrina.
    Thanks for posting, We want more photographs, plz post your photo with your two daughters.Happy blogging.

  4. A- most pictures were taken by my daughter Katrina- except of course the one of her and her sister

    Nisha- there will be more pics in the following post

    Bob-thanks for your kind words...still can't find your blog.

  5. Great detour. Congratulations on all these milestones!! Gorgeous girls.

  6. your grand daughter is really so cute.It's a great moment that your two daughters completed graduation with big success.Congrats, wish a bright future for your two daughters.
    Tk, Happy weekend.

  7. Alexandra- yes definitely a GREAT detour

    Sandy- thank you for your kind words

  8. Mind blowing. Your grand daughter looks like a little angel. I hope you were very happy with her. Your daughters made you happy and she made you the happiest person on earth.

  9. Peter- I do so love my grandbaby- too bad she has to live so far away. It is amazing how something so tiny can make me so happy :)


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