Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A splendid maze - Part 1

When I first started this blog, I decided to call it "Blulbhulaiyan" which can roughly be translated as maze or labyrinth. These entries were not going to be perfectly laid out, but rather spots to jump off into topic after topic. Little did I know, the title of my blog would not only refer to my own posts but other blogs which I have come to love reading. 

As I read some blogs, a link or a mention of another blog would draw me into more blogs. Sometimes I meander around and get lost in those blogs. There are blogs I click on and never return to and then there are those which I go back to time and time again. Some I comment on every post. Other blogs I simply lurk in, savoring every post and never commenting.

When you enjoy something you want to share it with others. So, I decided to do a short series on the blogs I love to follow. Due to how many blogs there are, they will be divided into a five part series ..."of blogs I love to read"...They aren't going to be put in order of which I love the most, but rather in alphabetical order. This will be the easy part of the maze...once you start exploring each blog, you will definitely find your own labyrinth. ENJOY!

Ready or not...here we go...

1. A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker

This is a blog I recently started following. Another blogger friend of mine, Nisha*, tweeted about one of my posts and this led Lakshmi, the author of the above blog, to leave a comment...which in turn, caused me to go visit her blog and I have never wanted to leave. The pictures are to die for! You MUST at least visit this blog.

2. A Traveler's Library

I'm an avid fan of this particular blog. If you are a reader and a traveler, this is a must have blog on your list. The only problem is the reviews on the books are so good...I have too many books on my 'must read' list. Seriously though, Vera, the author of the blog, outdoes herself in every post.

3. AweZim God-

This is a blog by my dear friend, Heidi. She and her family are now stationed in Zimbabwe. They were formerly in Ghana and adopted a precious little boy from Ghana- their miracle baby. I love to follow the progress of this precious family. 

4. Bike with Jackie -  

This is a new blog I've recently come across as a result of the blogathon. If you want an inspirational blog, then this is the one you need to read! I'm still exploring; I love what I've seen.

5. Border town Notes-

This is a blog of a woman in Botswana. She doesn't update that often, but when she does the updates are great. The pictures are wonderful. 

6. Chezsven Blog: Wellfleet Today -

Alexandra Grabbe runs an inn, keeping as true to 'green' as can be! Her posts are both informative and entertaining. Her blog has taught me so much. I believe I found her blog via one of Vera's posts. Alexandra is fellow blogathonner. In fact, I think it was through her blog I found out about the blogathon.

7. Color Me Sunshine! -

Okay, I can't say enough about her blog. She hasn't been updating as frequently lately, but every update is great. I love her "take" on life. I love the recipes she posts. She and I have communicated outside of the blog world. I no longer just consider her a 'blog I read' but I count her as a friend. I believe I stumbled onto her blog through "Reflections".*

...will continue tomorrow...

*Nisha's and Nancy's blogs will be featured later- remember I'm doing this in alphabetical order (by the name of the blog)


  1. Great way to acknowledge the wealth. You are lucky, you do not follow a single theme on your blog. So it's easy. :-)

    Well, instead of writing about them (there are lots of them), I give a few of them a link on a separate page. Ahaa, that reminds me to rehaul that page now. :-)

    P.s.- I am already following some of these blogs you spoke about.
    Thanks, looking forward to see some more awesome blogs.

  2. Nisha- you are ever so kind- you have gently reminded me to update my list of blogs I follow. When I get back from my meeting I'll need to do that. I've found so many great blogs via YOU :)

  3. A wonderful list, I too read many of these blogs but nice to be introduced to new ones. I especially like Vera's blend of books and travel.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out, and thanks to Anil, too, for his endorsement.
    I love sharing books with people, even when I am a bit overwhelmed by the big stack to be read!
    I love my faithful readers and commenters. And there's a little surprise in the mail today for the author of THIS blog.

  5. Anil- just wait til you see the rest of the blogs :)

    Vera- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are the best!

  6. Ah some new blogs.. and some known ones.. am beginning to enjoy this series.. waiting for Sneo though :-)

  7. Heh Heh... Anjuli,
    Some treasure for you from Vera ? :P

    Me too, me too !

  8. Hai. Anjuli
    Here is my blog url

  9. Sneo- Yours is coming...be assured of that! :)

    Nisha- Vera had a contest on her travel site. Many people won some great books as prizes- my email address popped up in the random draw- and I am getting a most wonderful book!! YES!! :)

    Bob- loved your post- was not aware of how important leaving comments are (even though I leave alot) :) Now I know! Thanks for letting me know the URL.

  10. Thanks for the recommendation! I also love discovering new blogs and really appreciate your idea of listing your favorites with descriptions. So much reading in perspective. A maze, indeed!

  11. Anjuli,
    I am aware of the contest since I am a regular reader there too but could not participate. It's not for residents of this part of the world. :-)

  12. Alexandra- Your blog is amazing- and doing this blogathon has made me come to appreciate your blog all the more. You are a regular updater and I take my hat off to you for that...it has stretched me to remember to update daily.

    Nisha- So now I'm trying to remember if it was via Anil P or you that I learned of Vera's blog. Oh boy- talk about a maze!! :)

    As for the prize, I tell you what- I'll do a contest and YOU can be the winner and I'll mail you the prize :)

  13. Anjuli,

    I just discovered that you included me in a post. A wonderful discovery! Thank you so much for that. I love and visit many of the other blogs you've listed here as well. This blogging world is exactly as you say, a maze of discovery. You can get lost and wander off so easily. That's what makes it so much fun. And I've so many voices yet to hear.

  14. A- loved your latest update- and the new filing system on your blog- looks great. I look forward to reading the rest of the story...if not on my trip then when I return.

    Bike lady- Your blog is truly inspirational. Although I just found it, I knew I had to give it a shout out for others to hear about it.


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