Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jet City Expresso- Renton, WA

I've passed "Jet City Expresso" many times and wondered what it was. It looked like a run down gas station which had turned into some kind of 'junk yard.' Signs advertising "coffee sold here" marked the walls, so this led me to believe it was a coffee shop. I guess I thought it had been a coffee shop and now was a 'junk yard.'

Today I went inside "Jet City Expresso" and discovered it is indeed a coffee shop. Everywhere you look, you see interesting treasures. My favorite is the old juke box...or maybe it is the old beauty shop chair .... actually there is so much to explore in the shop. You walk through the doors and are transported into this strange land. Your mind finds it difficult to embrace the fact this is a coffee shop.

I didn't actually order coffee while in there. I did end up in a discussion about the latest weather in the Philippines. The man behind the counter looked it up on the internet and we talked about the horrible weather and the tragedy in Indonesia and Somoa. I should have ordered coffee. I wanted to order coffee....not necessarily to drink there, but to take away with me. I could tell the person I was with didn't want to order coffee, so I just left.

My project for later this week- to return and order coffee this time. (I'm sure I'll take some time to explore some of the other things in the shop)

*Taken from my 'other' blog :)


  1. I have heard about this coffee shop. It is a great place. A friend of mine who went there likes their Green tea chi latte.

  2. then I need to try the green tea chi latte the next time I go in. What a small world this is!! :)

  3. In picture it seems like a nice place. The phtographer did the trick.

    I love coffee. That is my only addiction in life.

  4. I love such old places..they add so much character ..I was recently in a retreat which was filled with curios and antiques..lovely post

  5. A- although I don't care for coffee that much- I love coffee or tea shops :)

    Lakshmi- totally agree about liking places with character!!

  6. This place sounds like so much fun. You've got to back and check it out more. There must be a ton of great stories there! Just coffee? And what's your other blog?

  7. Joan- There is more than coffee here- and I'm not just talking about drinks :) Definitely a place I have to go back and check out...and order a drink.

    My other blog is just my personal tidbits- and sometimes I draw from it for this blog...ESPECIALLY during this blogathon :)-- btw, LOVE LOVE LOVE the tambo, it has been great seeing it grow


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