Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Splendid Maze - Part 3

I'm excited to be able to introduce you to a few more of the blogs I love.

14. Le Monde- A Poetic Travail

How do I even try to give justice to this blog. Nisha is an amazing woman who not only blogs about travel but actually gets out there and does it! I love her spirit and her attitude. Her blog has been the portal into many other blogs here in blogland. Also, I know I've had many visitors to my blog who say, "Oh I came over here via Nisha's blog" I can't say I have seen even one post on Nisha's blog I did not like. They are all wonderful.

15. life, lime and lemons

I have such a fondness for this blog. Although the posts are few and far between, each and every one of the posts speaks to me. I 'get' what is being said. It has been great watching a single woman become a wife and now going back to work. No matter how short the updates are they are packed with insight.

16. Music Road -

Kerry Dexter outdoes herself in this blog. She introduces the readers to great talent. I have gotten to know singers and music styles I would have never known had it not been for this blog. I especially love the suggestions for music on various road trips. Kerry and Vera partner each other with suggestions on books and music for each place you might travel to. 

17. One Life

Sneo has a love for travel which very few people have. She has done a marvelous job introducing her readers to great eating places, or travel spots. In the midst of her introductions she is not afraid to bare her soul. She is authentic and this is what draws me to her blog.

18. One year. 156 Fears. Life Changing

Here is a woman who knows how to face her fears. I was introduced to Joy's blog through the blogathon I've been participating in. I did not only read up on her recent posts, but I went back and read her back posts to bring myself up to date. It is wonderful how she has chosen to embrace life. Recently, she did a guest post on my blog. 

19. Popcorn Homestead -

Here is another blog I came to know via the blogathon. It has been wonderful reading about Joan's life in Japan. She loves vegetables, gardening, and plants. I enjoy learning new things and having memories of Japan being brought back to me. 

Can you believe we are still NOT done...there are GREAT blogs coming be continued...


  1. We have some common sites. Nice way to acknowledge fellow bloggers.

  2. Anjuli,

    I am humbled, I am honoured.

    But hey ! I have one complaint.
    You haven't told them I am very serious, irritating kind of an old, out of shape lady with thick specs, mother to a college going kid, walk with a stick and always grumble at this nonsense world ?

    Knowing me so well, I wonder what made you hide these facts from your readers. :)

    Once again, I read a few blogs from this list, one of them since last 3 years ! They may not know about it since mostly I don't comment on any blog. If you see my reader, they are there. :)

  3. A- loved your story- am going over to see if you have completed the second half- am dying to find out what the solution was :)

    Nisha- ha ha- you really know how to make me laugh!! Of course I wouldn't tell the readers that when in actual fact you are a stunningly wonderful woman who dares to backpack alone across Thailand and Malaysia- and I would be remiss not to mention your excellent photography :)

    ha ha- as you can see, I like the blogs you read :) Isn't there the saying "Great minds think alike"? :)

  4. awwww (((hugs)))
    thats so sweet of u. really. and so encouraging. and kinda humbling for me too.

    i love your stories :) for some reason it teaches me to be more open to new experiences, new life in general.
    so.....thank u......

  5. limenlemons- hugs back to you too! :)...did you ask me about the book or was that someone else? If you want me to send you a copy just let me know.

  6. oh yeah...i had to mail u! slipped my mind!
    i do want that copy...... :)

  7. Thank you so much, Anjuli! I'm finally getting a chance to visit some other blogs, now that the Blogathon is over! It was fun though, and I met some great people, like you, so well worth the time and energy to participate. :)

  8. First of all I want to thanks Anjuli for ‘A Splendid Maze’ series. These posts provide useful links to some good and quality blogs. Have a nice week ahead.

  9. Joy- so glad you have been able to meet many other people- sure is interesting to see all the different ideas and concepts aired in blog world

    Peter- I'm glad you enjoyed this series.


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