Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What is Seattle without.... Seattle, WA

What do you think of when someone says, "Seattle.".....Grey's Anatomy? Okay- of course not! You think of ...the Space Needle. What would Seattle be like without the Space Needle as a part of its skyline.

Although the space needle looks ever so futuristic, the idea for its construction was birthed in 1959 by Edward E. Carlson. This would later become the symbol of the 1962 Seattle's World Fair. It turned out to be harder than Carlson thought to get the structure up and in place. If you are interested in the history of how the Space needle came to be-click here

38 years later, the Space Needle serves Seattle as a great 'tourist' spot. Everyone wants to have their picture taken in front of the Space Needle. Others are willing to spring for the money to ride up to the top of the Needle take more pictures and be able to say they were up there. Still others enjoy an expensive meal at the revolving restaurant on the top. 

Whatever the reasons you have for viewing or enjoying the Space Needle, you have to admit is has become an accepted part of Seattle. Now when someone says "Seattle"...what will you think of?


  1. When I think of Seattle, I think of rain, though, I know it doesn't rain as much as I imagine. When visiting Seattle a couple years back, I went for a nice run through the park surrounding the Space Needle. Lovely place!

    Nice meeting you through the Blogathon!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by- the rain is always here, but like you said it doesn't rain as much as one would think. I just think it is so beautiful here.

  3. needle.
    at the start of the post, grey's

  4. Limenlemons- you are a woman after my own heart!!


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