Friday, May 14, 2010

A little taste of Paradise- Allyn, Washington May 2010

If you drive a bit too fast, you might drive past Allyn, Washington without realizing it. It would be your loss. This little bit of paradise is nestled right on the shores of Case Inlet on the South Puget Sound. 

I've always said a place is not just the buildings or the hiking trails; a place is the people. The people of Allyn must have gone for some course in 'friendliness'...the coffee shop server and the post office clerk were ready with their smiles and friendly chat. The smiles were contagious.

My family stayed at a lovely holiday rental. The owner, Dave Curran, and his housekeeper, Carla, really outdid themselves. It is not always easy making a 'house' feel like a home. They managed it with such ease. 

Highlights included a walk along the beach, playing an endless game of monopoly, sitting in the jacuzzi looking out at the water,talking, enjoying each others' company without thinking of 'what do we have to do now', eating a scrumptious breakfast and roasting marshmallows to make delicious s'mores. Naturally when it was time to lock the door and drive away...we didn't want to leave.


  1. A- It was a great place

    DeepS - Thanks for visiting the blog- and I must say you have made a great start with your own blog. I look forward to many more posts.

  2. Traveling has always been a soft corner for me. Whenever I get time, I pack my knapsack and go on a short trip. I found the local people very cooperative. Thanks for this travel related post. Bye.

  3. David,

    I love traveling- and unfortunately don't get to do enough of it these days. This short trip was wonderful- and as you say- the people ver very cooperative. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi. Anjuli,
    Nice place to visit. I hope you have enjoyed there with your family.I also love traveling, it helps to keep our mind fresh and healthy.

  5. Alex- thanks for your kind comment. We really did enjoy our time together.


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