Friday, May 28, 2010

A Splendid Maze - Part 4

Hold on tight, there are more blogs to explore...

20. Reflections

How do I begin to tell you about this wonderful blog or the woman who authors it? Nancy takes each blog post very seriously. She makes sure it will cause  you to laugh or cry or learn something. She never just throws out an update; you can tell every new blog post was well researched and well written. 

In my opinion, she was the one who got me into this whole blogging maze! hah! It was because of her wonderful blog that I became an avid 'blog reader' ... I can't even remember how many blogs I've been introduced to as a result of Nancy's blog. Nancy if you are reading this- THANK YOU!!!! (and please keep updating)

21. Seat of Our Pants -

This is one of my 'lurking' blogs. I only comment from time to time...but I don't miss reading every single update. They are short but very interesting. I've enjoyed traveling from Nepal to India to Southeast Asia and now to Europe and Turkey with this delightful couple.

22. SEO Tips

Bob has been someone who has commented consistently on my blog. I never could find his blog until today- So far- one post is up and I found it very informative! Although I'm an avid comment maker on many blogs, I didn't realize this was a tool which enabled more inbound links- how interesting! I look forward to reading many more posts.

23. Simply Speaking by "A" Simple Blogger

This blog offers such variety. I love each and every post. I've learned new things...I've enjoyed pictures..poetry...and more. I beg to differ with the title of the blog: this is by no means written by a simple blogger!

There are only three more blogs to go...


  1. Anjuli,

    Big thank you for encouragement. I always look forward to your comments.

  2. thanks for introducing me to reflections. as a former daily newspaper reporter, it is cool to see someone who is an awesome reporter at heart.

  3. A- Enjoy your blog

    Ed- I'm glad you enjoy Reflections- I've enjoyed her posts for a couple years now- REALLY love every style of writing she uses.

  4. Hey thanks a lot for this post.Found it really interesting.Moreover it is really kind of you to have provided links of others that caught your imagination.Would like more such posts from you.Take care and a happy weekend!

  5. Ecommerce- read the entire series- you will love all the blogs which are introduced. Part 5 is the final installment of the series

  6. Hi, Anjuli
    Thanks for your kind words. I love to read your post, and also thanks for commenting on my blog.

  7. Thank you for this list, Anjuli--it took me to Seat of Our Pants and a blog post promoting print guidebooks. I retweeted that post. Not that I want to kill more trees, but I don't want printed books to go the way of an all digital world. I'm still old-fashioned that way.

  8. I dont quite know what to say....I'm finding it hard to swallow right now.
    Thank YOU so much for the lovely and warm intro.....u see me so clearly and I dont say this because u've written nice things abt me;-D

  9. I always appreciate Anjuli’s blog for her informative and have unique posts. Nancy is also a good blogger. Thanks and bye.

  10. Bike lady- glad to be of service

    Reflections- hah- you are the BEST!

    David- You are right, Nancy is a GREAT blogger!


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