Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Splendid maze - Part 2

Are you ready to explore more blogs? 

8. David Weir-

David Weir is a journalist/writer. He has lived a full life and now in this blog he shares with the reader his thoughts on life. His thoughts don't always mirror mine, but I've learned much from reading this blog. I hope one day he will choose to write an autobiography. I stumbled on his blog via Dialogue with Stone (which is now called- "You're A Great American")

9. Ed Pilolla-  

This is a blog I just stumbled into (as a result of a comment made by the author)- and I've already fallen in love with it. I still need to explore more of it....but so far, I do love what I've read.

10. Encounter with a Super Star -

Here is a blog which I enjoy every time there is a new update posted. The reason I get excited and rush to read what it says, is because I never know what direction the blog update will take me in. It might introduce me to a great new invention, or open up new doors into what life is like somewhere else in the world. Often it takes me down memory lane. Whatever the post update, it is never disappointing.

11. Feeble Fingers -

My daughter Katrina has three blogs, which I know of. She hardly updates them, but when she does I enjoy reading what she has to say. This particular blog features Polaroid pictures she has picked up from thrift shops or friends. She posts the picture and then writes a haiku to accompany it. I love her creativity and insight into each picture. Often she will see something I never thought of noticing.

12. FoXnoMad -

Okay, you know how there are people and then there are PEOPLE...well there are blogs and then there are BLOGS! I would have to put Anil's blog into the category of a BLOG. It is outstanding. The amount of information I have learned via his blog is astounding. Also, he is the culprit for introducing me to so many other blogs. (He probably doesn't know it- but his recommendations woo me into the mazes of many a blog)

13. Frugal Kiwi

Here is another excellent blog in which I just lurk. I don't think I've made many comments, but I do enjoy each update. 

Can you believe we are NOT done be continued....


  1. You can see how eagerly I await for your posts.

    Ok, this time only one blog in your list that I read and I am dead sure you went to his blog from mine. :)

    Slowly I will explore others too.

  2. haha- believe me you will see more than one blog in the future updates which you recognize!! :) Your blog is coming up tomorrow. I do give you credit as being someone who has introduced me to MANY blogs...and how thankful I am to you.

  3. anjuli, thanks for the plug. i am so grateful. the other blogs are quite good from what i saw and worth the read, and i thank you for leading me to them as well.

  4. thanks for the introduction to so many amazing blogs.... :) happy reading to me! :D

  5. That's your daughter at Feeble Fingers? Polaroids and haiku, together? It's genius. I had to tweet that link. When I see blogs like that, I always wonder, "Why can't I think to do things like that?" Thanks for all the great links. Gotta return to these.

  6. Ed- I could not visit your blog and NOT want to give a shout out about it. What wonderful writing.

    limenlemons - You are listed on today's list- part 3. Go and check it out :) I've always loved your blog.

    Bike lady- Yes, I love her idea - just wish she would post more regularly. She's been super sonic busy- but if someone sends her a Polaroid she would be forced to post a new update ;)

  7. Thanks for all these suggestions. Good reading in perspective ....

  8. Anjuli,

    Thank you so much for the kind words, I am truly honored and appreciate your support. It's also wonderful to hear that I've been able to introduce you to many of the other wonderful travel blogs out there - and returning the favor to me with this series. I'm discovering new sites as well!

    I hope I can keep my site entertaining and useful and thank you again for continuing to read.


  9. Alexandra- Thanks for exploring!

    Anil- I can never imagine your site not being entertaining and useful!! I enjoy reading every update.

  10. Thanks for providing the link to David Weir’s blog. I found the blog very informative as they are based on practical experience. Waiting for your response. Bye.

  11. Instantdocs- I'm glad you enjoyed David Weir's blog


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