Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seattle and Music

Seattle's music scene is diverse. I will not pretend to be an expert on music. My relationship with music is:  I love it; however, I barely play the piano...if I sing, people desire to be somewhere else...you get the general idea!

My children, on the other hand, love music beyond just listening to it. They play at least one or more instruments. They sing. They tell me Seattle is a wonderful place for music. They love the musical diversity Seattle offers. 

I'm sure anyone who comes to Seattle will have ample opportunities to visit any number of small clubs, music venues or restaurants which feature great music.

My daughters enjoying a 'sister's night out' in downtown Seattle.

 If you want to enjoy a festival with music, check out the list of Music festival's listed on the city of Seattle's website.


  1. Nice pictures. Your statement

    "if I sing, people desire to be somewhere else"

    is just too funny...

  2. I think I'll always associate Seattle with grunge music, at least until I go there and see the music scene for myself. People don't like to be around me when I sing either. I still like to sing though. The car is a great place for letting it all out.

  3. A- three cheers for you making a comment 3 days in a row :) I'm glad you found my statement funny; although, I don't think you would find it so funny if you actually HEARD me sing :)

    Jen- The music here tends to be very "Indie"- but I find a more 'folksy' theme going on these days...or maybe that is just what I seem to hear. I agree about the car being a great place for letting it all out...hah!

  4. Good. I like those small street gatherings in the US with people simply playing music and dancing to the rhythm...Not like a concert but like a celebration.

  5. When I think about music in Seattle, I think about that wonderful museum of Rock and Roll, although I think it is the architecture that I really think about, rather than the music.

  6. That is great that you have a musical family.

  7. Ajeya Rao- loved your blog on your usa trip

    Vera- Oh yes- I should have posted the picture of the museum.

    Andrea- yes it is wonderful

  8. Not me, not me... :-)
    I would love to be with you. Instead I too would join you.
    And your daughters are looking very pretty.

  9. Nisha- okay- you and I will sing a duet together :). My daughters always seem to know how to look good even when they have just woken up- they must have inherited that from their father :)

  10. If Seattle is the seat of music then a visit to that place is a must.

  11. Your daughters a re looking very gorgeous. Yes Seattle is a place where you'll be enough satisfied if you like music very much. Visit and feel the difference.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Haddock- I would definitely recommend visiting Seattle- not only for the music but for the general atmosphere in this area. Very lovely.

    Fly- thank you for your kind comment.


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