Saturday, May 8, 2010

Graduation and babies

Lots of milestones today. My daughter, Katrina, graduated from University today. She was the class commencement speaker. My daughter, Cassandra, graduated with her Associates degree. She will now go on to finish up her Nursing degree. My granddaughter sat on my lap while I was at the graduation ceremony- and let me tell you- I may be biased- but I think she is the most well behaved little 8 week old baby!! :)

Milestones...there are appear to be alot of them in my life these days...


  1. What a lovely day! Congratulations! And I'm sure you're not biased at all.

  2. Joan & A - thanks for your kind regards

  3. Congratulation! Now you are the happiest mother and grandmother simultaneously. So you are having a wonderful time with your granddaughter. Be cheerful and keep on posting. Bye.

  4. Congrats it's a great day for you.Enjoy with your daughters,they have achieved success, best of luck to Cassandra for her nursing degree.
    TK, happy blogging.

  5. David, Blog Custom. and Bob- thank you for your kind congratulations!!

  6. Congratulation! it was the great day for you.Congrats to your two daughters for their success. I hope you are passing a wonderful time with your granddaughter.
    Thanks for your post, happy blogging.

  7. Hai, congrats for your two daughters,they had done a great job.
    Now this time is to enjoy the graduation ceremony with your daughters.
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. congrats :)
    you've been on a blogging spree!!! I cannot catch up with all the post like I do before :)

  9. Alex and Sandy- thank you for your kind congratulations!!

    A (colormesunshine) - Thanks for the congrats as well. Oh my, what have I gotten into with this blogging spree!! Its a blogathon-- don't even begin to try to catch up with the posts...I can barely KEEP up with churning them out :)...but be sure to see tomorrow's post as YOUR BLOG is featured in it.


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