Monday, May 24, 2010

Group Blogathon Post

Today it was suggested we do a group post for the blogathon. It was suggested we all do a haiku. I've chosen to do a couple of poems, but not a haiku- One poem is a Tanka,. it follows a 5-7-5-7-7-  The other one is a Senryu-which is structurally similar  to the Haiku  with a 5-7-5. A senryu is most often based on human nature and can be ironic in tone; whereas, the Haiku is based on nature.* So the first one is a Tanka-

Tropical Rainstorm

white sprawling porches
tropical rain pounding down
washing the dry ground
watery sunlight peeks through
sweet scent of rain lingering

...the second one is a Senryu

The Battle 

darkness creeps forward
sleep waits in silent ambush
the battle is lost

*I clarified the Haiku and Senryu differences as a result of a comment by Nisha- which made me realize I was not being clear in the distinction. Thank you Nisha!


  1. Oh, I thought 5-7-5 based on nature is Haiku.

  2. Nisha- exactly correct- Haiku is normally based on nature with a 5-7-5 but the Senryu is usually 'human nature' (as opposed to nature) and is also a 5-7-5.

  3. Both are lovely poems. Thanks for the poetry lessons, too.

  4. I like them both too. Especially, the haiku, as I'm partial to losing that battle as well. :)

  5. Very lovely, and thanks for the explanation of the different poetic forms you used.

    Michelle Rafter

  6. Bike Lady- thank you for the kind comment- sorry for the elongated lesson which accompanied the post :) I guess that is the teacher in me peeking through

    Kathy- I also love the Battle one-sleep always seems to get the better of me. :)

    Michelle- THANK YOU! If not for you- none of this would be happening...the every day was a nice reprieve to be able to do the poetry today- it has been great reading every one else's haikus.

  7. These were great. I like that you tackled different forms, and I really liked the one about sleep. Based on the title, I didn't know what to expect. It was fun to be surprised!

  8. Joan- I wrote the title after I wrote the actual poem - just seemed appropriate- and it appears I'm going to be losing another battle in a couple of minutes. ;)

  9. i like :)

    i came across this info somewhere - that u wrote a book. is it? whats it called? would love to pick it up :)

  10. limenlemons- thanks!

    Now who is going around telling stories? :)

    If you would like the book I can actually mail it to you- or you can order it via or barnes and Noble- write to me at and I will give you the details.


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