Sunday, May 1, 2011

And so it begins

Either I'm a lunatic or a glutton for punishment, I'm still trying to figure out which. I've chosen to join the blogathon at the busiest time of my life....or at least one of the busiest times. So I ask myself, why? I guess I have been very slack in blogging in recent months and I am hoping the practice of getting a blog post out there every day is going to put me back on track. 

What am I getting back on track to? Where has this blog been and where does it plan to go? I guess this blog, although often about travel and places is not a travel blog. Although I may write about people, it is not a biographical blog. So what exactly is it about? It is basically a blog about memories past and present...because after all what happens in our present becomes memories for our future. It is about people, places and phases in my life which made enough of an impact that I would want to remember them. Some not such great memories, but events which impacted my life in a way which changed me. Some great memories...great people I've come across who will forever leave a mark on me...some fabulous places which make me wish I could go back to visit again...some phases of my life which just seemed like heaven on earth. All memories which I want to record because as I get older my own memory is not as reliable and it is good to have some 'hard' evidence of what really happened.

This blog started long before the blogathon and most of my memories are stuffed back in the recesses of the beginnings of the blog. I will attempt to not repeat those memories during the 31 days of the blogathon. I hope to introduce some amazing people, fresh ideas and new places to the blog. I hope to jumpstart my brain a bit and maybe, just maybe, I can get back on track to regularly blogging again....we will see, won't we? :)


  1. Wonderful idea for a blog. I look forward to reading!

  2. I am with you on the busyness and trying to get back to blogging regularly. I'm hoping to learn a lot and be inspired by others. I am looking forward to your posts!

  3. What a way to return ! To be honest, I would not have tried this. A mammoth task I guess. To remain punctual & focussed.
    You are brave. I am a chicken when it comes to do things.

    And I was waiting for May 1st... to read your post. Looking forward to read your posts.

  4. @Tara- loved your great start and I see you even have gotten your second post under your belt- you'll have to let me know your secret :)

    @Garden4Life- loved the ideas on your blog- look forward to reading more

    @Nisha- NOW who is the brave one!!??? YOU ARE!! I'm so glad you decided to join and I promise to read all 31 posts which you do! I know they are going to be excellent.

  5. People, places, memories, past, present... Precisely all there is to life, Anjuli! I can't wait to read all about them.

    Let the punishment, I mean, Blogathon begin! ;-)

  6. @Lisa, I tried to check out your blog but for some reason the link is not working- can you give me your blog URL? You are right...let the punishment begin! I love that!

  7. Fascinating. I dunno that I could write about so many people over 31 of luck.

  8. The writing I'm getting back into much quicker than I thought I would; the reading of blogs is taking longer. So catching up I want to first thank you for following me. I had drifted away from writing regularly as that little thing called life interfered. Too many things that I won't go into specifically just meant that I needed a 40 hour day instead of a 24 hour one as well as 6 hands instead of the customary 2. This will be a daunting month as I try to write each and every day but I'm looking forward to the crazy ride!

  9. @ Peter- I have been enjoying your blog- keep up the daily writing and I will keep doing the daily reading :)


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