Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day beginning with C.....

I've noticed people are giving 'names' to their blogging days- like "Theme Tuesday" , "Wordless Wednesday" or "Freaky Friday"...etc etc...I just wish there was a day which started with the letter 'C' I could call one of my days, "Crazy....." On the other hand, the more I think about it, I'd probably be needing more than one day to start with a 'C' since most of my days are such crazy ones. 

Back to the concept of having nifty names for the blogging days...I'd like to institute one day a week in which I feature biographies or autobiographies of people I think deserve to be remembered. I was thinking of something like "Memorable Monday"..."Feature Friday"....."Thrilling Thursday"....Does anyone have a suggestion for a name for such a blogging day?


  1. Here at the University where I work, Days are abbreviated, MTWRF....

    With that in mind, you could always go with Reflective Thursday. It "sounds" good and you have a sneaky smile reason to do it.

  2. Trailblazing Tuesday? It's hard to think of qualities that match up with the letters of the day! But aren't those who have biographies written about them considered trailblazers in some way?

  3. I like Feature Friday. What's wrong with using that one?

  4. I went with Reflective Thursday for this week- but I think I'm going to go with Feature Friday next week :)

    thanks for the great suggestions!


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