Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Theme Post Day #2- 5 Favorite places to write

Today is the theme post day #2 for the blogathon. The theme for today is .... My top 5 favorite places to write are..

Uh oh, this was a tough one for me. I have ONE place I love to write....at my desk...with all my writing resources around about me....with my cluttered computer.  So my first favorite place to write is at my desk. I rarely like to write anywhere else....but then, depending on which country or place I'm in, my desk may be in a different position.

Jane Austen's desk
Traveling throughout the world, my desk was whatever suitcase I was lugging around at the time. When I lived in Japan, my 'desk' was actually a little vanity with mirrors facing me. When I moved to Ghana, my first desk faced a concrete wall- I don't think I liked that very much. When I moved to the next house, I made sure my desk faced a window....I loved being able to look out the window while I was musing away. Over the next few house moves, I made sure my desk was situated in front of window. So I guess, my second favorite place to write is looking out a window. 

My third favorite place to write is next to my husband...while he is doing something totally different. Every once in awhile, I like to look at him and maybe even talk to him. But heaven forbid, if he decides to talk to me while I'm writing...more often than not, he will not get any type of a response. In fact, my children learned this was the best time to come and ask me for something...while I was in the midst of writing..

"Mom, can I go out with my friends and come home really late"

"Sure Hon"

"Can I take 50 dollars out of your purse mom"

"Sure Hon"

You get the picture! Speaking of pictures, my fourth favorite place to write is facing my bulletin board, which hosts a myriad of pictures. I love to look up and see pictures of my family and relatives...friends...and now that I'm looking up at my board, I notice a couple who I've forgotten who they even are! (note to self: make sure to remove pictures of people you have forgotten).

Hmmm....so that leaves me with my fifth favorite place to write ....I'm not sure what that would be. I know what it would not be. It would not be in a bathtub. It would not be driving in a car. It would not be while I am babysitting my granddaughter. It would not be when I know I have another appointment breathing down my neck. I guess the fifth favorite place I want to write would be ...at my desk...with as few distractions as possible...and with pandora playing on my computer so I can click a thumb's down if I don't like the song...like I'm going to do right now!

*Jane Austen's desk picture courtesy of Guardian.co.uk


  1. My favorite place to write is my desk or a hotel room. Cannot write at all with wife around.

  2. A- we are 'twins'- we both like writing at our desk- I am writing in my hotel room right now- so I guess that works too...but I CAN write with my hubby around...in fact, he is sitting in front of me now listening to something while I sit here typing :)...but of course I'm not really WRITING..I'm just responding ;)

  3. I love the picture of Jane Austen's desk!

  4. Annette- I loved that pic too- when I saw it, I was trying to imagine her writing all her great works on that little thing. Amazing!


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