Saturday, May 21, 2011

Winter Trees

I know it is spring...but I was thinking about winter trees the other day. They are still alive yet bare of all fruit or leaves. They look dead. They have life in them, but they are waiting for the sun to shine so they can burst forth in awesome color and life once again.

Often, people walk around like winter trees. They are alive but just barely. They breathe, go to work, eat and sleep but they don't live. Life is not just about going through the motions and being there. Life is about living. Even if we are in one place all the time we can bloom magnificently.

John 10:10 says....Jesus came to give us life more abundantly...I love this! It doesn't just say "life" it says "more abundantly"....beyond the 'winter tree life'....a life which is in full bloom- even when the worms are burrowing in at the roots. A life full, even when the vultures plunk down on the branches.

Even in my winter season, when it comes, I don't want to be a winter tree- I choose abundant life!


  1. Life is about living...yes.

    Short and sweet post Anjuli

  2. @A- things are busy around here so we might see some short posts :) haha! Want to see if I can do ALL 31 days this time and get my badge!! ...also trying to stay true to the theme of this blog.

  3. Anjuli, Thank you for visiting CMB. I love your site. There is so much depth to your posts. I can't wait to have the time to dig a little deeper. God bless you!

  4. @ counting- loved your blog and plan to follow it with every post :)

  5. How well you said Anjuli !
    Life is about living and we should try to do it irrespective of seasons.

    P.S.- If I am able to write a one liner posts, I'll be more than happy. Had scheduled last 3 posts and now again I am back to zero. :(

    Blogathon !!!!!!!! Grrrrrr........
    But I am not a quitter. :P

  6. @ Nisha - ha ha- I know what you mean- I had to schedule a few posts due to travel- in fact, I'm hoping to get some pics while I'm here (traveling) and maybe when I run out of the scheduled posts I can slip one in about my trip :)

    You are my inspiration now!!! I say, "If she can do it-- I can do it!!!" ha ha!! :)


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