Monday, May 2, 2011


Weddings...weddings...weddings...this year seems to be full of them. We can't seem to get away from the royal wedding. First, they had to spend weeks talking about what it would be like. After endless discussions, they had the wedding and I thought it would be over but then they are determined to reshow the wedding and continue discussing every aspect. 

I have my own weddings to think of this year...both my daughters are getting married. No, it will not be a double wedding. They have opted to use the same location though. It is a treasure hidden away in the Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington. The Clise Mansion makes me want to get married all over again- it is like stepping out of reality and into a Jane Austen novel. 

My youngest daughter loves the gates. When she first went to the mansion, the only thing she could speak of was the gates. The gates are just the beginning to the experience of the Clise Mansion
 The Mansion is actually an old country estate built in the early 1900s. As I walked through the empty rooms, I could envision furnishings in each room and it made me want to take up residence...but then I was there to check it out for my daughters not myself.

As far as a wedding location...great...great...great! Did I say it was great? It has ample space, it looks lovely and it is affordable. The last reason is my favorite. Have you priced wedding locations lately? When you add up all the plus, plus, plus, you want to faint. The nice thing about Clise Mansion is they let you know up front everything you need to pay for and what you don't need to pay for. The staff are all courteous and helpful.  Any wedding held at this location would feel like a royal wedding. It is no wonder we chose this location for both my daughters' weddings. 

*All pictures taken from Seattle Bride


  1. I love the photo's and the idea of both daughters marrying at the same place, yet separate times.

  2. Awww ! That's one of the reasons why you are so busy !

    Wrong time dear, to choose this blogathon ! Connie, you conned me into following your footsteps. ha ha :)

    But we'll make it together... holding hands and pulling each other.

    And looking forward to reading more about the weddings.

  3. Such a beautiful place for a wedding, much less two. Good luck with the Blogathon and all the wedding preparations.

  4. My two oldest are getting closer to the marrying age so I will watch you and get some tips.

    Happy blogging!

  5. @ Mark- hmmm, my hubby doesn't seem to love the idea that much :)

    @ Nisha- Yes we have to stick together on this one!!

    @Esther- it is a gorgeous place

    @Jan-aaah, the joys of our children getting older...each stage is new an exciting, isn't it?

  6. What a lovely venue. We're spoiled up here in the Northwest; there are so many beautiful places to get married. It's sweet that both daughters chose the same location (although two weddings in one year is going to keep you busy!).

  7. Greetings, Anjuli! Congrats on the weddings. Sven and I got married for practically no $ in Sweden 12 years ago. Looks like you have chosen a great location!

  8. @Haley- yes two weddings in one year is going to keep me busier than ever :)

    @Alexandra- I think my husband wishes they would choose to get married with practically no $ :)..strange coz Kat used to say she wanted to get married barefoot on the beach- but now she seems to have changed her mind :)


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