Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last year, during the blogathon, I did a post on Lake Chelan, Washington.   This time I decided to focus on the actual 'downtown' area of Chelan. I was never able to explore it before, so I didn't have much to say about it. Now I've had a chance to see it....

1. It is small; in other words, easy to get around.

2. There is a great shop- Main Street- which features local painters...great pieces!...they also have local jewelry and some clothing (which I doubt was local- but might have been). It was a fun shop to go into and I managed to come out with a necklace!

Although, there are some nice restaurants, I would not purposely go to Chelan to eat. The prices were a bit steep and the food was just 'average'. 

church built in 1898 still standing in great condition
3. There is a log church which was built in is still standing and has been kept up in great condition.  A small beautifully landscaped  garden surrounds the church. In the garden, at the side of the church, there are some memorial plaques.

Garden at the side of the church.

4. The view from anywhere you stand in the center of town is spectacular. The mountains (or hills) surrounding the town are breath taking.

All in all, if you are going to Lake Chelan, you should take some time to explore the center of town. There is even a free downloadable audio walking tour you can take! Definitely a great tool in getting the most out of your exploration of Chelan.
You can drive just a over an hour away and see Leavenworth. If you like sweets, you can stop over in Cashmere, WA and pick up some of their famous Aplets and Cotlets. (Speaking of Aplets and Cotlets ....that would make a great blog for another day!)


  1. Beautiful. Very pretty view.

    (All readers, please make sure to click on the picture to see enlarged version. )

  2. Are the pictures too small- should I make them medium for the post? I was just thinking because I had so many pics, I didn't want to overload the readers' computers.

  3. Anjuli,

    In my opinion, the pictures are small. The enlarged version of the pictures give a very very different view point. I suggest putting an enlarged version of 3rd and 4th picture. They are awesome pictures.

  4. Loved the photo of the log church. Had to click on the link to the Aplets and Cotlets--I had no clue what they were!

  5. Jackie- you have never had an Aplet or Cotlet?? Oh you are missing out- they are like Turkish delight!! You'd love them...or at least I think you would :) As I said- I'm planning to do a post just on the history of them etc- because it is quite interesting. :)

  6. I love the old church. I've been to Lake Chelan but never really explored the town -- good to know there's plenty there to see.

  7. If you decide to explore the town- do drop into "Main Street"- I really enjoyed this particular shop. Also "Latte Da" is a really neat little coffee shop- serves great breakfasts!

  8. Aplets and Cotlets - you bring back very fond memories! We used to get them as gifts from friends out west every year. Haven't had them in years! (Probably just as well for my waistline and diabetes control...)

  9. Also not to be missed in 'downtown' Chelan is the still-family-run Campbell's resort - the original building from the late 1800's now houses a restaurant (and upstairs outdoor deck) that is a must for any visit). Those who want to sample many of the locally produced wines should head to The Vogue just a few doors down and with luck there'll be some live music there as well.
    Andante, Italian restaurant, housed in the old Chelan post office should not be missed.
    And for free entertainment, take a walk on the town's Riverwalk that begins next to Campbell's and provides spectacular water views.

  10. @ Peter- my mom loves aplets and cotlets- and I do love buying them as gifts when I travel

    @ Ajeyo - Chelan is even more beautiful when you visit it...the pictures do not do it justice

    @ Jackie- so happy to have discovered your blog!! Thank you for the great tips to exploring Chelan- I did ALMOST go into the Campbell's resort- but the owner's wife from Macdonald's (not the fast food one) called us over and we ended up having lunch there. I will definitely have to go back to Chelan to explore your suggestions!!


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