Thursday, May 19, 2011


Oh yes, I must admit I've stolen this post idea from Jackie of B.I.K.E. WITH JACKIE.  Her post had to do with the top five posts readers seemed to like (based on page views)...versus the top five she hoped you were able to read. Just so I am not totally stealing everything from Jackie, I will do the top three posts readers seemed to like...and then my own top three favorites during this blogathon.

Your top three posts (based on page views)

1.  Unbirthday Parties- a post about a tradition my children and I enjoyed. 

2.  And so it begins - this is actually just a post telling the readers I'm doing the blogathon. Go figure that it would mark second highest in page views!

3. Introducing Nisha! - An interview introducing a great travel blog writer. I was not surprised this particular post was amongst the three top pages viewed. 

My top three posts                                                                 

Since this is a blog about people, places and phases in my life...I would have to say that the readers got two of my favorite posts right off the bat. It was hard for me to decide what my third favorite post is....but I finally knew which one it had to be...

1. Introducing Nisha

2. Unbirthday Parties

3.  Hold on Tight, Mr. Jeeves - A post which not only featured people in my life, but also showcased a 'phase' and a it had all three aspects of this blog in one post.

And in my defense...about the thievery claim...Jackie did encourage her readers to "try this at home on your blog"....I'm just following instructions!


  1. @Anjuli,

    Great idea. But may I suggest to look at your page views after three or six months.

    A lot of your fans are still do not know that you have resumed blogging. I found out very recently even though I have been constantly checking but missed several weeks.

    Of course Birthday post is awesome :))

  2. @ A- you flatter me too much- 'fans' :) ...YOU have fans...I have sporadic readers. (that is what happens when one takes a long extended blog break)

    I should have clarified that the three posts I chose from page views were just during the blogathon- there are many more posts on the blog which have higher page views...but for the purpose of this particular post I wanted to limit it to just the blogathon posts.


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