Wednesday, May 18, 2011

War Stories

My friend, Deborah, just sent me a text..."Painful contractions every 10 minutes last 24 hours straight. Very exhausted from pain and no sleep"...oh boy, if you are a woman and you have had a baby- you've 'been there and done that'!! 

A few weeks ago, Deborah hosted a Passover Meal at her house. At the end of the meal, we were all exchanging war stories about our various birth experiences. Deborah has never had a baby before and there were some young women who aren't even married. I think they were about to sign a document saying they would never think of having a baby! We were all laughing ... you know those belly laughs... I'm laughing now just thinking of it. 

Why do you think moms love retelling their birthing experiences? I have had complete strangers relate their unique birthing experience. I guess there is a feeling of 'sisterhood' and a bonding which goes along with the sharing of these 'war stories' 

I have three such stories, but all three of mine end in an emergency C-section...each a month before I was actually due. Apparently, although I love babies and having them, my body doesn't like taking care of babies. My body actually tries to starve the poor little things and they come out looking like refugees. Each baby was smaller than the one before, until I had my third weighing just 4 pounds something ounces. Once out of my body they immediately plump up and are just fine. Go figure! 

I never knew this about my body- with my first baby- so poor little guy, we had quite a scare with him. Plus I had another problem, with my first baby, called Placenta Pervia- this resulted (in my case) of horrible hemorrhaging. Thankfully I had great doctors and nurses...and my son is now married with his own daughter!

So what are your war stories? 

Isn't she adorable? Less than a day old!

* Deborah's daughter, Tirzah Jewel, was born at 10.37 pm on May 17th 2011- CONGRATULATIONS Deborah and Daniel (and of course Tirzah) !!


  1. Interesting read but it is something men can only watch and not really understand.

  2. Ah but you can be the journalist who recounts the war stories you have observed! :)

  3. Dont get me started on them.....but as always when I hear the stories of other women I thank the Lord I had it easy....just 3 hrs of it and it was over. Tho the 3 hrs then felt like a lifetime;-).
    The lil one is so cute:-))!!!

  4. @ Nancy- THREE HOURS- wow!! Of course they felt like a lifetime...but 3 hours!! You are a blest woman indeed. Were both of them just 3 hours? Amazing!

  5. yeah both were around 3 hrs:-)....u knw my mom fed me some horrible ayurvedic medicine which she said wd make the baby come out faster....I hated the sight & smell of it but swallowed it dutifully every night for around 4 months....just praying tht it delivered what it promised[pun intended;-D].
    I also remember another woman in the next ward who had come with labour pain earlier than me. She was still writhing with pain when I saw her around 8 hrs after my delivery. I held my heart & thanked the Good Lord.


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