Thursday, May 12, 2011

Reflective Thursday -Lady Jane Grey

I love biographies or autobiographies. More often than not, while reading these books it is apparent that reality is stranger than fiction. Every one has a story, it may not be a very interesting story, but it is a story nonetheless. I've yet to find a biography or autobiography which is not interesting. Even the more tedious ones have gems hidden throughout the pages.

One of my favorite biographies is about Lady Jane Grey. There are so many volumes written about her and her titles, I prefer those written back in the early 1900's or even earlier. One of my favorite books about Lady Jane Grey is the book written by Philip Sidney, "Jane the Quene." (I downloaded this on my Nook).

Philip Sidney's work is well documented. He gives insights into Lady Jane Grey's upbringing which helps the reader to understand her ability to make a stand against all who were opposed to her and her religious thoughts.

Jane Grey proves to be a political pawn in the hands of more shrewd politicians. Her own parents have no qualms about using her for political gain. Her story is a story of intrigue, betrayal and ultimate sacrifice. Whether a person agrees or disagrees with Jane Grey's religious views, there can be no disagreement about the fact this fifteen year old was amazingly strong. Her biography is definitely worth reading!

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