Monday, May 16, 2011


The blogathon recommended a guest post for the 16th day .... The guest post for today comes from Nisha of Le Monde-A Poetic Travail  
I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire Nisha.  She is one of my favorite travel blog writers- not just because her blog is so interesting and informative. She stands out because she really loves traveling- not just talking about it.  Also, she doesn't let anything stand in her way. Nisha is willing to overcome things which would make most individuals give up before they even start. Did I say I'm impressed!??!  It is with great honor I present to you this guest post by Nisha...sit back, read and enjoy!!
5 countries from my bucket list
I am a traveler and I have no shame in saying that I am greedy too. I want more & more. Really ! I love traveling so much that if I do not travel for a month, I become restless as if something is missing from my life. It has always been a fulfilling experience whether it is hiking in forests, or admiring historical architecture of a place, or relishing a new local cuisine, or learning something new from local people.
I have been to a few countries. But it is never enough. The list of places to visit grows everyday. Here I am sharing 5 from my bucket list in no particular order.

I have been to many European countries but this little country with its myriad islands successfully eluded me. Never had time or money to visit its serene waters with white beaches.
Oh! How can I forget about archeological findings of Athens including The Temple of Olympian Zeus ? Or city of Rhodes close to the coast of Turkey?

So many Bollywood movies are shot in Santorini and silently I’ve wished to visit this ‘white’ city. It is the kind of place you could die happy at. The crisp, white-painted buildings with blue tops matching with the stunning blue waves of the Aegean all add up to make this a remarkable place to visit, And what about Kos island? Can I afford to miss it ? Absolutely not!

Well, when I can visit Greece, why not Turkey then? What offence has it done to be omitted from my list ?
What do I like about Turkey? The Arabian music, the belly dance, dervish dance by sufis, the exotic food and the culture which in many ways is similar to other Asian countries. Sometimes you should visit a place similar to yours to see how different they still are !
The bizarrely shaped mounds of volcanic rock formations at Cappadocia attract me as much as Pamukkale white hot springs.

What is not to like about Spain?? Once again, I would remind myself the famous Tomato festival, La Tomatina which I am eyeing on for last 2 years ! Laze around the famous beaches of balearic islands.
Visit the Rock of Gibraltor, at the confluence of Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean sea, which the Greeks thought to be edge of the world.
In the end round it up with a show of Bulllfighting in Seville.

Oh, I realized this bucket list is limited to only Europe ! How can it be when I am a world citizen ?  So here is one from other side of the world. :)

Peru offers such a wide range of experiences that it can be difficult to choose between them. Hiking to Machu Picchu is my dream. I am told it is a strenuous hike and one should have strong knees. But I have seen enough photos of this place that these statements can’t deter me. Ancient ruins divulge prehistoric secrets. There are museums to visit, lakes to sit by, waves to watch and labyrinthine cities to get lost into.

Last year I was actually contemplating a solo backpacking trip to China…. Overlanding along with Malaysia & Thailand but it could not materialize as I had to return back to base. The only man made thing visible from the moon is part of this large country. I am hoping to walk on that ‘Great wall of China’ in next 2-3 years.

Hopefully !! Fingers crossed. 

I'm sure you enjoyed Nisha's guest post- if you want to experience more of her travel blog please visit Le Monde- A Poetic Travail


  1. Thanks for these suggestions. I have always been curious about China. Turkey is a place my husband wants to go. Peru? We have guests from Peru right now at our B&B. We cannot travel much, because we run a business that requires presence, but get to travel sometimes through our guests and the stories they tell.

  2. @Anjuli,
    Thank you very much for posting this. And I am honored, I am flattered and I am embarrassed now !

  3. Love the idea of a bucket list of places to go...better start mine STAT.

  4. @ Alexandra- I love reading Nisha's blog because it is through her stories I'm able to 'travel' to more places :)

    @ Nisha- as I've said time and time again- you are my hero!

    @ Babette (Barb)- my bucket list is just tooo long- I definitely have to win the lottery if I plan to hit all the places I'm wanting to go before I die :)

  5. Nisha,

    You don't want to tour China without a translator. Believe me. I have been there many times.

    Nice post and good see Anjuli back

  6. @Alexandra,
    Thanks. B&B is a great idea. Where are you based? If you are in a country I intend to go, mark me as your customer. :)

    Probably I'll also open the same when I don't have energy & money to travel. I guess that's the best way to be in touch with travel.

  7. @A,
    Thank you. Yeah, Anjuli is back and I am so very happy for her. :)

    What? I can't tour China w/o a translator? Man ! That would be double the fun. :D
    A, If you remember, I did 2 month long backpacking to 2 countries just a year back where I didn't know the language... that too I was alone.

    Come on China ! Let's meet. :)

  8. @Nisha,

    It is very unlikely I will go to China in near future. I wish that was not the case. I visited China 5 times in 2010 but no more...

  9. Machu Picchu is high on my bucket list, too, and I've always wanted to see Greece and Turkey. Spain is wonderful -- I'm sure you'll love it when you have the chance to go!

  10. so cool! Nisha's bucket list has Greece and Turkey.. same same.. wish I can also join her on that mission

  11. @ Sneha - Well when you both go to Greece and Turkey don't forget to invite me along!!!!

  12. @ Haley- Machu Picchu- when you go- please tell me ALL about it!! As for Greece and Turkey, Sneha and Nisha want to go and I do too...for me Turkey would be a second trip..but I've never been to Greece- it would be great fun!!


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